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Trade - no amount of googling has made sense of this mess

SweatdogSweatdog Registered Users Posts: 1
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Help clear this up for a newbie please:

How are my ports full for Miyoshi, but available to Chosokabe and Ikko?

Why would Ikko and Choso refuse to trade with me when I offer resources they don't have and are merely indifferent?

Why is my silk not showing as available in diplomacy?

Do my incense/silk trade nodes count towards my 3 (?) available trade routes??

Context -

I am Shimazu on normal difficulty.

I have 3 provinces with 2 ports, 1 is a trading port and 1 is a military port (which is 3 total sea trade routes if I understand correctly.)

I have taken 3 of the South West trade nodes (2 incense, 1 silk). My trade tab indicates this under "producing", but on my diplomacy tab it shows silk grayed out and says i do not import/export this.

I border 1 clan only , Otomo (unfriendly). I have contact with 3 other clans overseas: Ikko Ikki, Chosokabe, Miyoshi (all indifferent).

Otomo is land adjacent so trade option is there, but unfriendly makes him unwilling to trade, understandably.

Chosokabe has trade option but he wont accept any package I offer. incidentally, earlier in the game I forged a trade with him where I included 850 lump sum and he gave me a hostage. He canceled the trade the NEXT TURN essentially fleecing me for the 850 and sacrificing his hostage to me? WTF? What penalty does he get for this?

Ikko has trade option but he wont accept any package I offer.

Miyoshi has NO trade option because it says " my ports are at full capacity".

PS I do have 3 mods installed.

- Unofficial Shogun 2 Patch 1.4 (nothing in the patch or patch comments suggests trade issues)
- Bigger text/font (+2 p)
- Extended camera minimod

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  • EmeraldThanatosEmeraldThanatos Registered Users Posts: 425
    It means that the miyoshi are at full capacity and they can't trade.
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  • Lu2naLu2na Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited June 10
    Well if the dead hostage was a son he loses a general and if it's a daughter, a diplomatic tool.
    Trade in Shogun 2 from my experience is usually just for increasing your income, getting a resource you need for a specific building/unit, gaining map awareness and improving relationships overtime. So, in a sense, if you can keep a trade deal going, you can secure an alliance aswell.
    I think the main reasons for the AI refusing to deal with you is that your clan is either too powerful or too poor, making it think that giving you a resource and/or income is not beneficial for them in the long run.
    Any notion of it being nuanced should go out the window.
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