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Guide to the Guides (Napoleon Total War)

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This is the NTW edition of the "Guide to the Guides," imported from the old forums There will most likely be some overlap with the ETW version Shireknight was kind enough to recreate, but I hope to keep things as organized as possible.

Unclassifiable Because the Creators Were Rude Enough to Cover More Than One Topic:

Napoleon: Total War Strategy Guide

Napoleon: Total War - The Peninsular Campaign Generals Guide

Loading Screen Advice

Spraetter's Guide to Napoleon: Total War
^^(Look here first. It will most likely contain the answers you seek)

General Battle Guides:

Le FUSIL Unit Guide for Napoleon: Total War

Royal Military Academy Guide to N: TW Factions and Units

Napoleon Total War Unit Guide by RavenNZ

Basic naval tactic for use against the AI

Making Round Shot Artillery VITAL

Look to the links directly below if you can't find a relevant guide in this thread:

A Guide to the Guides (Empire Total War)

TWC Gameplay and Strategy Discussion Forum

TotalWar.org NTW Guides Forum

Napoleon: Total War Heaven Strategy & Tactics

Please post here with links to any useful guides you come across or create, and the original creators of these guides are more than welcome to repost their creations and maintain them themselves.
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