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Warhammer II : impossible to start / black screen

Vargass02Vargass02 Registered Users Posts: 1
First, I am not native english speaker, so please accept my appologies for any english mistake.

I have a problem with the game. This problem is new and I already played 118 hours to this game onto this computer. At now, when I launch the game from the launcher I get a black screen for less than a minute. No sound, no image... and the black screen close, the game crashed.

I already tested severale solutions, whitch are :
- Disactevate all mods.
- Restarted steam.
- Restarted my computer.
- Re-installing the full game (twice).
- Check firewall authorization.
- Updated drivers.
- Deleted "The Creative Assembly" Folder in AppData\Roaming.
- Check game files integrity.
- Forced the use of directx 11 on game launch.
- Run as administrator steam and warhammer II total war.
- Run the game with compatibility to windows 8.
- Run the game with compatibility to windows 7.

But none of this actions solved my problem.

There is only one significant modification which I performed onto this computer recently (between the last time I succesfuly played this game and now). I migrated to windows 10 from windows 7 using microsoft tool.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks to everyone reading this post.

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