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Cant Play Multiplayer!

TheFanRiftTheFanRift Registered Users Posts: 1
Ok so basically I began by starting to see how the coop campaigns worked and couldn't because there were absolutely no server listings coming up at all If I press on host game it says I'm unable to so in short nothing works in regards to the online campaign menus.

I then tried to go into the avatar conquest menu but it simply crashes the game, meaning I can't use any of the multiplayer features at all!!!

Is there a fix for this, or is this game just broken beyond belief?


  • JacquestheApostateJacquestheApostate Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 706
    I can't play the Avatar Campaign either!
    3 Kingdoms is a great game campaign wise. Make ranked battles in Records mode. Until that is done it won't be complete.
    Gun Cav in Shogun II should have a Retainer!
    Give us another Avatar Campaign!
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