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2 Multiplayer Campaign Issues - Locked Campaign Camera & Instant Lobby Disconnection

AdrianDaGr81AdrianDaGr81 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited May 6 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
A few friends and I have recently gotten obsessed with this wonderful game which we could not stop playing, on our first run I was played Shizimu and my friend - let's call him John - was playing as Oda, we spent around 8 hours playing on the 1st day, around 9 on the 2nd and when we were anxiously logging onto the game for our 3rd day until we ran into a problem...
- My camera was stuck on the campaign map view and the only way I could move was via the map (which is very difficult to navigate with) tried numerous things including: reconnecting, restarting steam and restarting PC (so was John), we had tried scouring the forums but none of the methods really worked (most notably the one involving the Edit SF tool). By that point, we were confused and a little disappointed - we had played around 60-70 turns by that point and we were starting to make amazing progress throughout the map.

So we decided to start a new game - this time it was still hosted by John.
- This bug, however, wasn't the camera bug but I believe a (what I believe to be) save file bug. Playing the Date, John playing Takeda, we finished up our stuff for the day just 5 hours or so worth of gameplay.
Next day, I could not join the game what so ever, as soon as I accept John's invites to join the game a popup error showed up (something along the lines of 'Incompatibility') and I'm put back in the main menu screen. Once again we tried reconnecting/restarting steam/restarting PC but to no avail.

We decided to start a new game, this time I'm the host of the campaign.
- The next bug is similar to that of the latter, I'm now playing as Hojo whilst John is still with Takeda. Everything goes smoothly on the first day, very productive 8 hours. 2nd day was also very productive in a sense as we've encircled the shogunate. 3rd day (today) John could not join, receiving errors along the lines of some accusation of cheating or something... we tried reconnecting/restarting steam/restarting PC again but no dice.

We tried starting another game... but this time we had to stop short as we were receiving major fps problems where both of us were seeing minor teleporting troops and experiencing slow camera rotation.

We hope to see you fix these issues, we've grown to love the game and absolutely enjoy these Total War strategy games, It's just a shame that there are these annoying bugs that ruin our experiences. I haven't truly tried out the singleplayer but I find just progressing through a game with friends the best way to enjoy most games.

Kind regards,
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