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Restarts my PC

the_devil69the_devil69 Registered Users Posts: 5
Build: Steam has the current build ID as: 3539715

Detailed description: Everytime I try to launch a solo campaign that i have already started, the game crashes by resetting my PC. Other ways it has happened are as follows. This has been a re-occuring issue and I would like to get it resolved. I was unable to find some of the things such as the minidump and I cant access the game long enough to get the stuff off the game itself. I am NOT running any mods or anything. I have this and Warhammer 2 installed on my system now. I havent tried to play Warhammer 2.

Reproduction Steps:
- Continue campaign, end turn, let NPC factions go and boom.
- finish a battle, during loading screen to world map
- loading screen going into battle.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
1:) uninstalled and reinstalled the game
2:) verfied files on steam


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