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Ideas to Make Guns More Distinct

TheGrandWizardTheGrandWizard Registered Users Posts: 13
I'm currently toying around with some ideas to make units like Handgunners and Thunderers more unique and distinct from other ranged units while staying balanced. My current version has Guns do a lot more damage per volley (5 Base damage to 10 base damage and 17 AP to 22 AP) but have a significantly longer reload (13s-19.4s). I also made their range 185 rather than 145 but kept their calibration distance around 100 and made slight changes to general accuracy like a spread value of 1 and changes to calibration area. Lastly I gave them Shieldbreaker, increased their price and upkeep and lowered their unit size by 10 for both Handgunners and Thunderers. I played an empire campaign with these changes to Handgunners and and a couple small changes to Free Company Militia which just normalized and slightly increased their Base damage and AP damage from 12 BD and 2 AP to 9 BD and 8 AP and increased their reload from 9s to 11s aswell as giving them a spread of 1 like the Handgunners. I'm just curious if anyone has any ideas, especially for the Vampire Coast because their range is all guns, I don't know what to do with them because I feel like just giving them similar changes would be too overwhelming especially for the Lizardmen which they spawn close to, but I also feel that making them flat out more expensive would take away from their theme and make them have less range because there is no alternative for them.

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