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Open Letter/Request for CA

sykallsykall Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,763
Dear CA,

I greatly enjoy the Total War Warhammer series. As a long time, fan of the Total War series and your creative work, I think that the care and attention you gave this series made it one of, if not the best Total War product of all time.

In the beginning I belonged to those sceptics who found a fantasy total war game suspicious. Initially I would have preferred another historic title with either another epoch or another region of the world as its focus.
But when I saw the result, I was amazed. Sure, not everything was or is perfect, but over the following years you put great effort and attention into this game and increased the quality of the series. And almost every time you announce a DLC or rework, you exceed my expectations.

I think it is clear to see, that you love the Warhammer setting and do you best to incorporate the wishes of the fanbase, as can be seen with the huge number of free reworks and additions we received, or by the moments you went beyond the limitations of the rule books and implemented fresh units or factions which never received a model for the tabletop game or originated from other sources. All with the goal to give us the best Warhammer and Total War experience possible.

Therefore, I trust you, that you will also rework older problems, for example the Beastmen and Wood Elves race packs, or problems that occurred from the source material itself, e.g. the limited amount of content for certain factions.

But there is one thing I want to ask you. The concept of a combined game maps like mortal empires, are a great addition, especially with the care for older faction reworks or changes to this map.
Yet sometimes I want to play a campaign in which I can concentrate on the Old World itself. But it is hard to restart the first Warhammer Total War for this, as the quality of life changes between WH1 and 2 are reason enough to concentrate on WH2, not to mention the new additions, reworks etc.

Therefore, I would ask you if you could integrate a third campaign map into TW: WH2, which focusses on the boundaries created in the first WH1, to recreate to a certain degree the experience of the first game.

I know that such a request is a difficult task, which brings its own array of problems to be solved.
E.g. what to do with WH2 factions that start in WH1 territory, especially when they are linked to the new world, e.g. through quest battles.
And if the WH1 map would become its own campaign in WH2 the mortal empires map would have to be reworked too, maybe expanded to include more of the Southlands and the New World, to further differentiate it from the WH1 map. Because currently the Mortal Empires Map uses the WH1 map as a foundation with WH2 additions around it.

And this problem would surely stretch into the future with game 3 bringing yet more quality of life changes and reworks to the trilogy. People like me would then probably ask you for the same favour again.

I just ask you to consider it, if time and budgetary restriction allow it.

And thanks for this great game series.
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  • EmeraldThanatosEmeraldThanatos Registered Users Posts: 2,365
    Would be pretty cool. I would also like the two mini campaigns to be playable, maybe with a few more factions.
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  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 27,768
    Hyped for TWW3.

    CA! Cathay has the most potential of any race in TWW by far. More A+ material to design a race from than any other. You can make Cathay the best race in TWW history. I bolieve in you!
  • HondlisHondlis Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 968
    Please don't let CA think, we want minicampaigns. I want my 4 LLs.
  • GeneralTGeneralT Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 117
    It's good an all.
    But I don't se the point of making game 1 campaigs for game 2 when you will be in the same situation for game 3.

    It's better to wait for game three to add old campaigns
  • AxiosXiphosAxiosXiphos Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,143
    edited May 2020
    I respectively completely disagree. We don't want more campaigns. Hell I'd be happy if Warhammer 3 only had the immortal empires; more campaigns means more work for the same result.
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  • sieahsieah Registered Users Posts: 1,028
    I'm open to Mini Campaigns once Game 3 is done, and by done i mean all the DLCs, FLCs, obscure races and even Araby is there.
  • KandennKandenn Registered Users Posts: 504

    I respectively completely disagree. We don't want more campaigns. Hell I'd be happy if Warhammer 3 only had the immortal empires; more campaigns means more work for the same result.

    "We" don't have the same wishes. I agree with the OP because my favourite races and location in the settings are in the eye of the vortex campaign and with wh3 I'm afraiď i won't be able to play this campaign with the new qol/functionlities/new lord that wh3 will bring. The best gameplay will be in wh3 but my favourite campaign will be in wh2.
  • Xenos7777Xenos7777 Registered Users Posts: 6,896
    I think the first 3K DLC failed exactly because they added a separate campaign.
  • innerpinnerp Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 982
    problem with mini campaigns is they end up being a "play em once and your done" kind of deal, when the vast majority of people want to play on the biggest map possible with the most factions available. i dont think i have played a single vortex campaign since ME was released.
  • ArneSoArneSo Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 22,813
    No more mini campaigns!
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  • TirisfalTirisfal Registered Users Posts: 9
    More mini campaigns!
  • JakeSJakeS Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 24
    I don't know what we're yelling about! 😤😠
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