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Qol and performance remarks (skip all notifications)

LaowhLaowh Registered Users Posts: 2
edited May 9 in Feedback & Suggestions
---- Qol

Hi everyone I wanted to propose a 'skip all notifications' button for the campaign. I am talking about all notifications that appear at the beginning of the turn. When the campaign progresses I tend to have a lot of notifications and usually I don't need to read them.

But closing them all can be really annoying as the boxes are not of the same size and you have to move the mouse each time to close the next notification. Combined with the fact that sometimes auxillaries (for agents and lords) just appear in large numbers it can become very tedious ( with skaven I sometimes get 10+ new auxillaries for the +1 number of casters in the same turn).

It would be cool if for example there was a button in one of the corners of the notification box to close all current notifications.

Also, it must have been proposed several times but a way to choose in advance where new skill points go would be fantastic. Needing to open the skill panel for each hero/ lord at each level up is really annoying when you start having a lot of characters.

---- Performance

I wanted to report the biggest performance issue I encounter. When a unit takes damage from a lot of sources in a short time and that its unit card is visible (on the left) my frames drop from 50 to litteraly 3. The easiest way to replicate for me is jump in a custom match, take 3 ratling guns against a dread saurian. Make all ratling guns shoot the dread saurian. The instant my mouse goes on the dread saurian and that its unit card is visible I get the frame drop. If I disable the view of the unit card it does not happen. (No mods) This problem really started to be visible for me since only Shadow and the blade, but I may just have not identified it before.

I also get fps big drops with the stains left on the ground by ratling guns when shooting at infantry for example. I have not found a graphical setting that changed that problem

Lastly the spell 'chill wind' (?) from the lore of dark magic also makes loose fps when in big battles (does not happen with other spells)

My GPU is a 1060 6Gb and I have 16Gb of RAM. I'm usually running the game with high graphical settings and ultra unit size at an average 40-50 fps. I should say that the performance really started to get worse for several aspects of the game (especially spell and AOE abilities) since the prophet and the warlock.

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