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Decreasing turns per year in a DLC Campaign ?

SamGaladSamGalad Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello everyone,
I recently bought Rise of the republic and I found myself struggling with the pace of the campaign : it's too slow.
I have almost completed my tech tree and I'm already the most powerful faction, earning ungodly amounts of money after turn 150, when this campaign should have around 400 (I guess ? I don't know when is the end year of it actually, can't find that info anywhere). Also, I want to try it again as Rome, and historically, it's a little immersion breaking to get that powerful so early in history, so I though that speeding up the campaign could be a good idea. There is no mods however that decrease the amount of turns per year (which is curently at 4), but some insane mods that increase it to 12 or even 24 (who plays 2400 tuns campaigns like wth serioulsy ?).
Anyways, I downloaded ESF Editor and tried to change it myself and of course, it crashes.
What I would ideally like is to get at most 2 turns per year with this DLC.
Any idea ?

Thank you in advance people !
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