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Total War Shogun 2 Won't Launch on Steam

Musing_MooseMusing_Moose Registered Users Posts: 1
I've tried everything remotely possible to try to get Shogun 2 to launch but it won't. Every time I try to launch the game on Steam it will say running for about 5 seconds and stop. I can run the benchmarks no problem but not the game. I have uninstalled/ reinstalled about seven times now one 2 separate devices, checked graphics drivers are updated, gone through 2 different versions of Windows 10, uninstalled and reinstalled Steam, uninstalled and reinstalled Flash player 2 times, run the three redist executables numerous times and so on to no avail. I haven't a clue what may be the problem. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • sk8in_hamstersk8in_hamster Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi, same/similar problem myself. Have run through all of the suggestions in the stickied post.

    Through Steam, it opens the splash window, but the game drops out before reaching the trailer. Some of the suggestions made tiny differences to the timing (i.e. occasionally the mouse icon changed to a sword, and another occasion an "Error R6205" message was shown).
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