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Rome II Multiplayer Issues

carso_ncarso_n Registered Users Posts: 1
My friend and I play the MP co-op version a lot, and recently in our new campaign we have been having some issues. We've played without issues before and it had just now started. We thought the issues might've been just the new campaign, but we have started multiple new grand campaigns and dlc campaigns to test it, and still have the issue. The issue is really random, but armies move really slow on the map, and sometimes you can't click on buttons for a few times. During actual battles, the whole game freezes and unfreezes randomly. We have also experienced random crashes after clicking end turn, and had the "Waiting for other players" appear. I'm really confused at what's happening and I could use some help. We have already tried changing unit size to medium, turning down graphics, different various settings in the multiplayer and still no fix. This problem also doesn't happen in singleplayer and is just a multiplayer issue. Our game is not modded either, vanilla.
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