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Gameplay Improvement Suggestions

NirgaloNirgalo Registered Users Posts: 60
In fantasy battle. These are justifiably different strengths of each. In the game, technological units have a strong advantage. They are simply more effective, these are mechanical games. I would like to propose adding something similar to the Skyra clan lab.

Clan Mors: development to improve clan rats and stormvermin. Improvement of armor, silver shields instead of wooden, anti-inf perk for storm rats with shields. Access to these improvements was opened as the ritual progressed (Vortex). After capturing Karak eight peaks (ME).

Clan Pestilens: Improving Monks, and Catapults. Monks poisonous aura (for example: minus melee attack for the enemy).

Clan Rictus: Specializes in breeding Stormvermin. Most likely, it will be faster. The possibility of maintaining an additional 3-5 slaves in the army, under the control of a player. +/- 3-5 squads of slaves does not pose any threat to the player. On the other hand, playing as skaven It is very nice that there are 3-5 meat shields. In order to balance, you need to gain an additional number of upkeep for armies with extra units over the limit, from 0 (easy diff) to 10% (legendary). Explaining this upkeep that the troops know that they are a meat shield and steal to survive.

These suggestions are consistent with the Warhammer FB Lore. These proposals would increase the uniqueness of each clan and force players to use the entire skaven roster within the faction. And do not create the same type of army for diff clans. After all, having unique strong squads, each clan would give the player an incentive to try and play different squads for different clans. It will increase replayability, this is what I so often see on forums. After all, an increase in replayability means that the player stays in the game longer, therefore, potential involvement is higher, which is good for you. And most importantly, it absolutely coincides with the Warhammer FB Lore.


Probably the most painful topic: Empire.
The whole lor Warhammer fb is built on how the empire REDUCED by the Norsky raids, wars with vampires, green-skinned raids LIVES its last days Frantically resisting the inevitable. But in Lore, humans lost the battle! It is the catalyst that all other races are drawn to her help in order to give their LAST BATTLE.
I have 1700 hours played on L / VH. After the last update of the empire, and even before it, what I see in 99% of cases. The Empire destroys all its opponents at the root and continues to expand. Dawi (for a moment the Dying Race) destroys greenskins. The high elves have virtually no enemies, and thanks to the confederation system, they become one of the strongest races when they smell a little fried. Norska is super passive and usually destroyed by Bretonia, however, like vampires. And in the end, they all come together with 50% of the map and strongest army and simply rape Chaos.
The empire has a super stronger tech tree. This is the only race in the game that from the first turn can learn technology to increase the effectiveness of troops. These technologies are quite few and they are quite strong, which allows you to have t1 swordsmen with stormvermin stats by turn 20, and for PITENT 7000 gold and 1 move make yourself almost an unbreakable for greenskins, and extremely dangerous for chaos, beastmans and undead. It comes to the ridiculous, heavy swordsmen have more armor and moral than the chosens, and in terms of effectiveness against the same green-skinned, it is also more dangerous. Tanks of which at the time of the current events are TOTAL 8 copies of which there are 7 in the worker, AI and the player rivets to infinity. Weapon prototypes in the form of Hellblasters and Hellstorms which units are the same. Is it worth talking about demegriffs?

I do not want to offer banal things from the Nerf Empire, as this can affect multiplayer, it will take a lot of time, and may not affect the gameplay in the best way. I propose making AI empires more passive towards expansion and more aggressive towards returning lost territories. Remove the imperial tank from the roster, and present 7-8 of its LORE variations in a single copy as special troops available after building / learning technologies / or 40 lvl of the lord (in the middle late stages of the game). Make Norska more aggressive by untying it from the war with Bretonia and focus on raids on the northern lands of the empire. Make the vampire AI great again. The confederation of Dawi and Empires for AI is only possible with the invasion of Chaos. If the player plays as Chaos, then only with the destruction of Kislev and Ostland the Empire can begin to confederate. When playing as beastmen, Chaos should start automatically on the map and start the invasion. This can make the game for the empire more challenging than this simulator of boredom now. And it will give a chance to see the destroyed empire, as well as the greenskins, undead, norska and chaos, to the player, especially if he chose a faction far from the northern lands. This will make the situation more lorefriendly and justify the unification of the factions of order to respond to the aggression of the forces of destruction. Also introduce a restriction on the hiring of special troops for AI from turn 50. Otherwise, now playing as Chaos or Beastmens you can easily encounter situations when on 30-40 turn, the empire runs in stacks in which there are 2-3 special troops like Carroburg Greatswords, which simply destroys the balance of the game in the bud. Given that they are hired instantly, a quick study of technology and the fact that for AI money is nothing.


For Chaos: (yes, yes I know game 3, demons, etc.) The ability to completely destroy the settlement without the possibility of occupying it again. Only the skavens can build underground cities and Norska build camps in their place. These camps will have limited functionality, similar to forest elf camps. This will make the game for the Beastmens and Chaos more adequate, and against them to stimulate the player to protect their lands (which is hardly a problem given the screenshots that players put with 10 hellblasters and 8 demigriffs, you can now skate for an empire with a face on the keyboard).


For greenskins, I would suggest the same as for the Rictus clan. And Waggh in the company instead of troops replaced with a player-selected buff for all armies for several moves.
The developers themselves are forced to keep low-tier infantry for the Waagh, since there are many greenskins. This would save the player from the problems of how to form a combat-ready army, without sacrificing either the quantity or quality of the squad. And it would make it possible to fully fight with 1 stack (albeit with an increased upkeep of that army) instead of dragging with the main army 1-2 additional with an increase upkeep all units in all armies.

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