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LP in WH3

Ferestor#5771Ferestor#5771 Registered Users Posts: 1,313
Hello guys,

this thread is not a discussion wich Lord is paired with who. Instead i would like to open an idea for a different style of LP.

If we look at the LP so far we had in WH1 2 LL and in WH2 2LL and an FLC LL if i remember right.
In WH2 we also got LL from WH1 who are paired with WH2 LL.

We know that we only get 1 maybe 2 more LP in the WH2 life circle. So that leaves many LL from WH2 and WH1 open for LP in WH3.

So my idea here is that the LP who feature LL from WH1 or 2 for WH3 should not include just 2 LL, instead there should be 3 LL. So for example:

DW vs SK vs CD or DoC vs Empire vs DE

This could give CA the chance to include more LL with lesser LP, because not all of us(myself not included i like LP) like the LP style. The FLC should still be a thing so we get 4 LL instead of 3 LL per LP.


  • starcreator1012starcreator1012 Registered Users Posts: 243
    i like this idea as it would be able to balance out many lords from different races
    but for wh3 we don't fully know what races might be coming so if we belive we will always get a new Lord from wh3 in that i think we can hold off on speculation about which three way lords we are getting
    i would though like to see a BE v Norsca v WE with a Brettonian FLC as all sorta need and update and new lord
  • SerPus#7395SerPus#7395 Registered Users Posts: 11,787
    How is that different from an LP? Except for taking 50% more time to make, of course.
  • Djau#5149Djau#5149 Registered Users Posts: 13,296
    Triple lord packs could be a way to balance out WH3 when so many factions are needing lord packs.

  • Beast_of_Guanyin#8747Beast_of_Guanyin#8747 Registered Users Posts: 44,819
    This is just a LP that's 50% bigger. They'll be slower and there'll be less of them.

    I'm not necessarily against LPs with more than 2 races, but I just don't see how this fixes any of the issues with LPs.
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