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The WH2 cannot lauched after download the ward and pauch DLC completely.

fakumron2fakumron2 Registered Users Posts: 4
Dear Team,
I brought the DLC pack of the ward & Paunch on 21 May 2020. After the download is completed. I try to start the game then it come to first screen then the scene is black and came back to Stream LIBRAY Menu. Please help and support how I can fixed it. Thank you.


  • fakumron2fakumron2 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Dear Team

    Thank you for your support. After the game do automatically updated 3 times. Then it work.
    However my graphic is set back from Nvidia to Basic of my computer. So I have to change value of LINE no. 23 of perference.script to recover my Nvidia card again. Then have fun!!
  • CloudwingCloudwing Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hi! What was the solution? I have the exact same problem. Thanks in advance for the help!
  • fakumron2fakumron2 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hi Cloudwing

    About my case, CA do auto update like preallocation on WH2 to me 3 times. after that I do varify intrigity of game and try to deactivate every Mod I have. Then I can play.

    However it is still some bug happen as I cannot set up graphic in option menu for example CA set unit as ULTRA as default as write on preference.script when I wanna change to LARGE it is unable to change even I change in perference.script.

    CA please help us about Graphic manual set up. When I do graphic manual set up it become to crash. And still back to Stream LIBRARY Menu. Thank
  • fakumron2fakumron2 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Herewith my preferences.script

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