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Skaven underpass battle only engaged Waagh army, parent army not involved and untouched after

Ratty_BoizRatty_Boiz Registered Users Posts: 2
Build - V1.9.0

In my campaign as Grom, I had two armies with a waagh attached to each, about 4 turns left of the waagh.
I move my armies near a Skaven army (Clan Mors), who are in underpass stance, to attack it next turn.
However on Clan Mors' turn they used the underpass and I intercepted them.
In the resulting screen, my army was not involved at all, only the waagh of one of my armies was.
I then faught the resulting underpass battle and lost.
Post battle, the waagh was completey dead, and the parent army untouched.


  • Ratty_BoizRatty_Boiz Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have now also had this happen in the opposite.
    I underpassed and got intercepted, the battle was with only my main army and not the attached Waagh.

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