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Imrik ME first 20-50 turns

SpertoMustDIESpertoMustDIE Registered Users Posts: 6
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It is almost impossible depending on RNG from other skaven, dwarves, or greenskins declaring war on you initially after taking your full province from the dwarves. Snikch exceedingly broken early against Imrik with the ability to field 3 full stacks opposed to his 1 stack that gets easily kited and swarmed from slaves and gutter runners galore. This isn't balanced at all and makes this DLC disappointing especially with a fresh start of HE in old world corner against revamped greenskins, extremely strong skaven kiting, DE that will raid you to hell after dealing with skaven, and dwarves that almost 90% snowball by turn 50 with gold chevron artillery and front line units
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  • Zelnik#5119Zelnik#5119 Registered Users Posts: 529
    I think there is a big problem with Imrik's economy. Elves rely on trade and he can't trade...period.
  • RowYerboat#9411RowYerboat#9411 Registered Users Posts: 1,162
    edited May 2020
    I'm on turn 11 and Eshin has four armies already. :/ Someone on Reddit says levelling up Imrik and Mikaela by repeatedly sacking the dwarfs in the starting province works, but that is too cheesey a strategy for me...

    There's also the trade issue, but I haven't gotten far enough for that to even matter.
  • RowYerboat#9411RowYerboat#9411 Registered Users Posts: 1,162
    Ok, so I managed to eliminate Eshin by bullrushing them. I did lower the difficulty to Hard, but it seems like the same strategy would probably work on VH. Basically, right after consolidating the starting province, I got a peace treaty and NAP with Clan Helheim. Then I beelined for Eshin territory, not through the swamp, but behind the mountains and going past Darkhold. As luck would have it, I caught Snikch in the field heading to attack Red Cloud, and knocked him out. Then I went straight for Flayed Rock and attacked as soon as I had my first siege towers. Eshin dead on turn 12. wOOt
  • DoraemonlamDoraemonlam Registered Users Posts: 3
    It does take some luck and cheese. But Imrik army really shines when you have

    1) fire mage mapwise debuff
    2) fire resistance debuff & fire attack from Imrik
    3) 1+ dragon (from starting/imrik/mage/RoR)

    A couple starting tips:
    1) disband the lion and get archers. Fire mage mapwise debuff + over casting flaming sword of rhuin on 8 archers will easily, and literarily, melt a couple units of high-armor troops in seconds.
    2) upgrade the settlement with dragon prince recruitment first
    3) subjugate the first Dawi faction for much better relationship than peace agreement
    4) there is a gold mine not too far west in the grimgor’s maintain.
    5) not confederating caledor gives you enough influence to prevent war on at least 1 front for easier play through
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