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Game-breaking Bugs since update.

nLycannLycan Registered Users Posts: 1
Good Evening,

I've started a brand new Count Noctilus Mortal Empire campaign once we got the latest update and I've experiences several incredibly frustrating and some gamebreaking campaign bugs.

Absolutely no NPC pirate factions spawn. This completely breaks the infamy mechanic of the VC. There are 0 roaming pirate armies and factions on the Mortal Empires map.

Second: Digging for treasure on my Lord doesn't work. He gets put in a strange raiding-like stance visually and nothing happens.

Third: Winds of Power gambling does not generate any Winds of Power.

Forth: Fighting and winning a battle vs an army guarding sea treasure resulted in the formation of a "bandit" faction that continued roaming the map.

Fifth: Multiple crashes to desktop when trying to add buildings to my Lord's fleet. Very random. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes freeze and crash. 3 crashes in total in first hour of campaign.

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