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AI Update?

LukeSkyrataLukeSkyrata Registered Users Posts: 5
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So I first noticed this in Rome II, that's why I'm posting here (I've also encountered it in Attila) but did the AI get updated recently? I can't find anything about it in the blog notes (few as they seem to be) although there does seem to have been something similar happening recently for Warhammer. Or is it my installs?

Mainly, my issue is that if I take any risks, or leave any flank open or, you know, do anything except sit in my existing territory and make friends with everyone else, the AI immediately takes advantage. For instance, the same turn I declare war on someone, someone on the opposite end of my territory declares war on me and I have to go take care of it. Similarly, anytime that I have to fight a battle against a naval force (or embarked army) and they have cavalry, they make a streamline for wherever I try to land my general to get him to safety, so he always dies and I immediately lose morale on top of his unit. Or if I go to war with an enemy and their ally, the ally will always go find wherever I don't have enough troops to fight and start conquering my territory (not even just pillaging, which used to be a common action in Attila). Now, I'm not a strategic genius, nor am I competitive enough to want to become one. Which is why I play usually on Easy or Normal; I'm looking for fun, not necessarily a challenge. But even were I to want said challenge, this is not a challenge. This is 'if I'm not perfect I lose'. And while I might expect this kind of difficulty from a higher difficulty setting, like legendary, I should not be having to deal with this on f***ing EASY. I've never been punished this hard even on top-difficulty runs of games I've done (like Reach LASO).

So I'm essentially wondering - is this something wrong with my game, or did my game get an update that's essentially made it unplayable for me? I am usually running modded, but even when I'm running stuff that should just be adding new units (and often only to the faction that I'm playing) or even vanilla this is happening. So my first thought is that it was an update, but again I can't find confirmation anywhere and this seems more like it's a bug with the game running legendary AI on easy settings. But then it's also happening on Attila, so...
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