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New High Elves Units and Lords in The Warden & The Paunch, newest DLC Pack

SpectorSpector Registered Users Posts: 814
In this video I present new High Elves units and Legendary Eltharion the Grim in an all out battle between the Greenskins of Broken Axe Tribe and High Elves lead by Eltharion the Grim of the Yvresse faction. New units include Rangers, Silverin Guard, War Lions (Rahagra's Pride), Lion Chariot of Chrace, Arcane Phoenix (Omen of Asuryan), Talons of Tor Caleda(light archers), The Skyhawks, Mistwalker hybrid infantry, Sentinels of Astaril, Athel Tamarha Faithbearers, Knights of Tor Gaval. Also, this DLC brings us The Legendary Lord Imrik, Lord of Dragons and new Archmage lords. One for each Lore of Magic.

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