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AI helping in battle? what a **** AI

BeardedragonBeardedragon MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,478
edited May 24 in General Discussion
so i have my waagh, i start a 20 vs 40 battle. the extra 20 being my waaagh.

I say: cool ill try and have the AI control the Waaagh then.

Battle commences and i wait for them by the edge of the map so that they can go in first and take the blunt of the attack.

DIDNT HAPPEN! the WAAAGH!! AI literally just stood in the corner of the map.

Fair enough, **** this im going. im winning the battle and even as i move up, they Waagh army dont move. First after ive fought for like 10 seconds do they start to move towards the battle.. slowly. VERY slowly.

By the time they got there, the battle was over. They killed literally zero enemies.

WHY THE F would i want the AI to control the WAAAGH army if it doesnt AID ME!

Ive never had issues with the AI helping properly when being reinforced by another faction that also controls their units, but for some reason, the WAAAGH! army reinforcing you doesnt do a flying fart.

please fix the reinforcing AI Waaagh armies


  • JamrocksJamrocks Registered Users Posts: 9
    I experienced the same.

    The AI should aid me in a battle against two Skaven armies, I placed my army in front of the Skaven army and went for the fight and the AI reinforcments came in and... yep you might guess It.. they did nothing. Just stood there...

  • GallowmereWarlockGallowmereWarlock Registered Users Posts: 266
    edited May 24
    Lol. I had a similar experience. Also in one battle the whole AI army was chasing a single unit while I was fighting. Was hilarious.

    I have been playint AI General mod that allows the player to put some units under AI control so I'm used to this behaviour. I know that, when defending, the AI can do this things. I was expecting the AI to behave different now that CA implemented the function.

    In any case, AI General mod > CA's AI Helping in battle. Just because the mod allows you to decide when do you want the AI to take control of the units so you can give away the units when they are already engaged and forgot them if you want.
  • The_baronThe_baron Registered Users Posts: 552
    Been writing about the issue of no basic coordination with AI commands many years ago and CA didn't bother fixing it - CA doesn't put any effort into fixing core Total War mechanics as it doesn't sale - they just add stuff as toppings - don't expect for anything.
  • RockNRolla92RockNRolla92 Registered Users Posts: 989
    Yep same here, they stood there and I got wrecked by the tomb kings before they bothered to attack.

    They work fine in seiges but this is really annoying.

    I hope they fix the AI for game 3. They really need to sort their engine and AI out. Some things have been borked forever.
  • SakuraHeinzSakuraHeinz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,514
    I had like 6 AI support battles and they always worked fine, but they always had siege weapons maybe thats it?
  • jp28dewjp28dew Registered Users Posts: 15
    AI controlled reinforcements just actively try to avoid fights in field battles. They deploy furthest away from the enemy and hug the edge of the map until they get attacked.

    I think maybe it's possible to change and make them behave like enemy AI in through mods?
  • mightygloinmightygloin Registered Users Posts: 2,565
    AI controlled waagh armies should be as aggressive as possible for obvious reasons. They often play cowardly while our army engages.
  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,628
    Same experience.

    They just sit there for about 10 minutes before moving.

    Exception: in siege *attacks* they do move forward and attack as normal.

    In every other case, they sit back uselessly.

    I no longer even consider the feature.
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