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Gromm cant Waaagh with other Greenskins as an Ally in a Co-Op Campaign

Killmann94Killmann94 Registered Users Posts: 1
I play a Co-Op Mortal Empires Campaign where i play as Grom and my mate play as Grimgork and while his Waaagh is running i cant get any reputation Points for my Waagh. So i "fixed" it by cooking the recipe with the +5 reputation buff because i only needed 4 more for my waaagh. So now with 100 Points i cant start a Waaagh while his is still running, i cant even click the waaaagh button, its gray. After his Waaagh was over i could click the button and select a target for my Waaagh. But my mate got involved in this war declaration even after i unchecked the request for help window. AND the biggest Problem is, the Diplomatic Window where you select and declare War didnt close, i could not close the window and could not continue playing because i was stuck in the diplomatic overlay. The only way to get out of the Game was that my mate left because you cant even acces the Menue while in the diplomatic overlay. We tried it several times but every time when i wanted to start a Waaagh the Game just stopped me in this overlay.
Please fix this because it`s unplayable without the Waagh Mechanik.


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