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UI Change Wish List

IronBreadIronBread MemberRegistered Users Posts: 191
Hi CA!

Below is a list of changes from someone who has more hours in this game than I care to admit (meh, ok, 852).
  1. When the recruitment pool window is open, clicking Escape key should close the recruitment window, not open the game menu.

  2. When you need a resource to construct a building, I suggest that the user can click it and the map camera will pan to the nearest settlement, even if it is in a part of the map that is unknown, that has the resource (similar to Warhammer 2)

  3. When you start a playthrough, the option for Romance or Records mode always defaults to Romance. I suggest the game saves the selected Mode last utilized or there is an option to set it in the Settings. I only play Records and it is cumbersome to constantly have to set the game to Records Mode.

  4. Prioritize selecting lords over units when their selection flags in battle are in close proximity to each other

  5. The 25% army movement requirement to ambush is bugged. It has been since, at the very least, Warhammer 2. It is a conditional bug, where you move your army to have 25% movement left and try to set it to ambush. The Ambush option appears to not be clickable, deeming the game's code interprets the variable for the army's movement to be below 25%.

  6. Not being able to move the unit card positions in the battle bar during a battle. Even within a retinue, you should be able to move them like in previous Total War titles.

  7. Public order not having a prioritized position on the settlement tags.

  8. Recruitment and switch units popups should close when the user interacts with something else, as it blocks the view.

  9. Make it more apparent who is an enemy general or enemy settlement on the campaign map. Right now, it can be hard to tell which armies are hostile and you are forced to zoom far out on the campaign map to switch on “diplomatic status” to be able to tell which territory is hostile.

  10. "Rare Talent" which doesn't tell you who the character just recruited is, so you have to guess if you do not know all your characters in the Court.

  11. "War-coordination lost" which doesn't tell you what the coordinated target was or who you gave the order to do it.

  12. Add a Hide Unit Card Panel button like older Total War games.




  • NahrimeNahrime Registered Users Posts: 2
    CA PLS.. In all seriousness, these would actually be nice logical changes, hope to see them in game. Amazing game nonetheless :P
  • Misaka_ComplexMisaka_Complex Registered Users Posts: 2,953
    Didn't Huang Gai stop being a champion and get a unique model since several months ago?
  • BAB1918BAB1918 Registered Users Posts: 239

    Didn't Huang Gai stop being a champion and get a unique model since several months ago?

    About eight months ago. Perhaps, he prefers the generic champion art.
  • IronBreadIronBread Member Registered Users Posts: 191
    Hahah. That is an old snippet image of the game

  • LESAMALESAMA Member Registered Users Posts: 1,906
    Nice initiative.

    I would like to add the following ui updates:
    - icon in diplomacy menu that shows which faction has a marriageable character
    - Ability to resign characters in the character overview window. Now only possible in the court menu
    - When selecting a character in your court to marry one of your own characters please show the age of the Marriageable candidates once the marry option is selected!
    - Zoom option for family tree Like in atilla
    - Notification/alert when an assignment slot is available. Currently you get a notification when The characters returns. I would like this to be changed in a notification that the character has returned so you don’t need to remember that the notification of the previous turn
    - Council notifications when council missions are available
  • nephlitenephlite Registered Users Posts: 407
    skill hotkey please
  • him_15him_15 Registered Users Posts: 119
    Can't agree more.
  • mitthrawnuruodomitthrawnuruodo Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,959
    Good stuff!

    For me (other than what is already mentioned here) -
    1. Dedicated screens / panels for managing governors and assignees. Perhaps a province management screen that covers all of this stuff, along with tax-exemptions etc.
  • IronBreadIronBread Member Registered Users Posts: 191
    Hi all!

    Thanks for this feedback. One more from me:

    When trading ancillaries, show in their descriptions the set they belong to and the other items of the set.

  • IronBreadIronBread Member Registered Users Posts: 191
    And another one:

    When you click on an administrator in the bottom left of the screen, an option to open the character details popup.

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