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Major Bug List for Grim and Grom

ottakanawa#9312ottakanawa#9312 Registered Users Posts: 169
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First of all, love the DLC, love the game, thanks for all you do! This is a consolidated bug list from reddit.


1. Traits are not awarded upon defeating a legendary lord under the effect of Eltharion's capture mechanic.

2. Gambling for Winds of Magic in campaign is not working properly: the amount of Winds awarded does not change.

3. Azhag's Vanguard trait should affect all orcs but does not affect Black Orcs. Other skills in his tree state "All Orcs..." and it affects Black Orcs but the Vanguard trait does not affect Black Orcs.

4. Going into Raidin' Camp stance with a Waaagh! army accompanying will raid one of your nearby regions instead of the one you're actually standing in. Specifically the one you started your turn in

5. Goblin Big Bosses lose their mounts when entering battles, even thou they are mounted (be it wolf or spider mount) before entering the battle. I have switched Goblin's mount back and fourth before and feel its causing the bug to appear on all armies, not just the attached goblin's army.

6. Norscan chieftains' skill trees are not displaying properly

7. Greenskin Coop Campaign mechanics are not working properly (only one player can have a Waagh at a time, and Confederation is broken).

8. AI Black Arks appear not to be attacking cities, despite their newly added capability.

9. Eltharion's hands don't grip his weapons

10. Sometimes selecting a skill when levelling does not play the sound properly. Noticed this a lot on spells specifically

11. In Grom's campaign (Mortal Empires at least), recruiting Da Eight Peak Loonies won't unlock the Hell Pepper 'Shrooms-ingredient, even though the ingredient's popup says to "Recruit ANY Night Goblin Fanatic unit"

12. The pop up screen for upgrades stays on the screen.

13. In a co-op campaign, if one player has an active Waagh!, the other player stops earning Waagh points

14. When my army intercepted beastmen I could only use my waaagh units (4 at the time) with main army nowhere to be seen

15. Players lose Blacktoofs head permanently if the character carrying it dies.
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  • QuintoMaximoQuintoMaximo Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 177
    There are way more in the support forum like this one:

  • TotalJokerTotalJoker Registered Users Posts: 1
    I also love the dlc but I also stumbled upon some bugs:
    1. Heroes with mounts tend to bug on the campaign map, floating over there mount instead of riding it.
    2. I am playing Ahzagh the Slaugtherer and his new traits are awesome but also bugged. Somebody reported that black orcs do not get the vanguard deployment, they also do not get the Imbued with Madness trait, that should give them frenzy
    3. I crashed a lot of times trying to select a Waaagh target
    Thats the major ones I found so far, thanks for your awesome work CA
  • DevonAireDevonAire Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    edited May 2020

    In my Mortal Empires game Sword of Khaine is held by dwarven general from Karaz-a-karak. Is that intended? I thought only elves can have it.

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    Choose your words carefully. I most certainly will.
  • Bastilean#7242Bastilean#7242 Registered Users Posts: 2,945
    DevonAire said:


    In my Mortal Empires game Sword of Khaine is held by dwarven general from Karaz-a-karak. Is that intended? I thought only elves can have it.


    Anyone can pickup the Sword of Kaine
  • IoncowboyIoncowboy Registered Users Posts: 1
    Heroes: Can't read remaining movement - just have to guess now?

    As Vampire Counts, I occupied a city with Vlad, then reinforced with Isabella on force march (exchange action, without exchanging troops). Ostland army then attacked only Isabella and fought only her army (like lightning strike)--lord was level 3 with 1 blue line. Lord defeated Isabella, then defeated Vlad in the city.

    I love the game but that ruined that campaign (I reloaded a previous save without a similar circumstance). That is a game breaking bug.

    Skaven: I love to play them but these minor factions are ridiculous. I think they do help offset the order tide... My skaven enemy had one city left and could make 7 armies of various skavenslaves (really? really?). They stalked/ambushed Isabella's army and reinforced with 3+ armies. That's fair but since all slaves are expendable, army losses never kicked in. I had defeated 4 lords. I would suggest that skavenslave armies without lords should just break at some point.
  • k1LL_eMk1LL_eM Registered Users Posts: 1
    Finished Grom very hard vortex campaign. No achievement whatsoever.

  • Deceiver9811Deceiver9811 Registered Users Posts: 29
    edited June 2020
    *Edit* I have learned that along with the pirates not spawning, Grombrindal's Ancient Ancestor campaign mechanic wasn't working, nor was Belegar Ironhammer's 50% upkeep at the start of his campaign. Additionally Empire started with the Sword of Khaine, even in a vortex campaign. I was able to make trade agreements with Greenskins, and Runesmiths would reset their skills every levelup preventing me from using runes for more than 1 battle. All of this and more, fixed by turning my mods off and on again. I literally have the same mods active, but everything works.
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  • SwabiliusSwabilius Registered Users Posts: 2
    Talisman of Hoeth quest, I recruited the White Lions of Chrace R.O.R. did not complete quest.
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