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*Campaign - ork factions* bigger n' better bosses tech not working correctly

Rat-ee-jiK#7094Rat-ee-jiK#7094 Registered Users Posts: 197
This tech is only active (recruiting lords at +5 levels) if lords are recruited in the lord swap menu. This tech doesn't apply to lords that are recruited from settlements or recruited in any other way. For example, In my current campaign with this tech researched I can recruit lords at rank 19 in settlements and rank 24 when lords are recruited from the 'lord swapping' menu.


  • wicket8115#3703wicket8115#3703 Registered Users Posts: 190
    edited May 2020
    I just got the tech in my campaign and I noted something different. I went from being able to recruit a level 1 lord to a level 6 lord at my settlement. This is what you would expect, but if I tried to replace Grimgor with a new lord then I can get them at level 11. So it seems that the tech works correctly for settlements but has added an exploit for replacing lords with brand new lords at 5 levels higher than they should be. I checked if you can can keep replacing lords to get higher and higher levels and you cannot. This bug does not exist at turn one so I believe it is from the tech.

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