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Difficulty with Imrik campaign

TheMechETheMechE Registered Users Posts: 57
I'm tempted just to fly through the campaign on normal mode.

I chose hard mode, and I've been trying hard mode and it seems if I go clear some enemies out up north, I get hit from the south. Then I try going south to react to the attacks and I get hit in the north.

Income is only good enough for one 20 stacks army (and some battles are close calls). What are the tricks to getting through that campaign on hard mode? Am I supposed to be bouncing back and forth? Should I be building walls in hard mode? Should I not be expanding really quickly? If so, how long do I wait? Or maybe I'm supposed to ensure I always have a certain amount of income not being spent on my army?


  • SerPusSerPus Registered Users Posts: 2,080
    Take your starting province and then go to Eshin.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 2,710
    Not trying to be mean but I'm suprised so many people are struggling with his campaign when he's really OP as a lord right now (and needs a nerf).

    Naturally with you starting in the corner of the map you want to secure that little corner for yourself first. If you played a Malus or Snikch campaign with the last DLC it should be familiar to you.

    There's no need to go antagonising Karak Azul, Grimgor or any of those lads unprovoked. You should go for Snikch first since he poses the biggest threat and Malus will be tied down fighting LM and consolidating for a while. after that, assuming nobody attacks you, go for Malus and from there figure out where to go next (maybe take down Crookback Mountain to fully eradicate the threats on your borders but once you've set yourself on that warpath you may have to deal with the others).

    Once you've taken Malus and Snikch down at the very least, you will basically be sitting in the same spot Malus found himself in at the start of his campaign and you can either go after Azul, Crookback and Grimgor or you can go searching round Nagashazzir, go into Lahmia, go down and kill Kroq-Gar early, etc.

    Ideally you wanna consolidate/raze all the territory in that part of the map because there's only like 3 ways for the AI to get into this bit (through the mountains where Grimgor starts, through the mountains where Queek starts or the little part in between) its an incredibly defensible position and once you capture Black Crag and the mountains all the way down you'll basically have an impregnable home base that no one can even access let alone attack.

    After that I suggest going up to Mount Gunbad or down to Ekrund depending on who you p*ssed off more (Dwarfs or GS) the'll net you a goldmine.
  • endurendur Registered Users Posts: 3,712
    Always build walls.

    A settlement that lacks walls doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the AI.

    Your income will only produce one stack of 20 units. So the walled garrison will really help you on difficult battles.

    I turtle as Imrik in my starting settlement until I have my stack of Dragons. Then I conquer the world.
  • EmrysorEmrysor Registered Users Posts: 168
    You do not need walls everywhere, just on the frontier where you expect the AI to invade in case they go to war against you. Take Eshin providence and Dragon Isles and use them for economy. On my second Imrik campaign vh/n and I never build walls in those provinces. If you play on legendary you may need walls in the capitol to fend off rebellions. But generally as the High Elf it is a total waste of gold to build walls in settlements deep within your territory.

    After you got the 3 starting provinces you got two choices in my opinion. Start reclaiming Ulthuan if Tyrion have not taken all of it. Or you start going south to Lahmia and secure the south.
  • WarlockeWarlocke Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,923
    I began by taking my starting province, and made peace with the dwarfs. I then invaded Eshin and had exterminated them by turn 25. Be aggressive. Don’t chase armies but go after settlements. Loot and occupy and then leave for the next one. You want the Skaven tied up reclaiming their own land and not invading yours.

    After that, I destroyed the local Lizardmen and Malus. Completed this around turn 40. As Morthi had almost fully conquered Ulthuan by that point, there wasn’t any point in attempting any military action over there. Instead, I engaged in a prolonged campaign against Grimgor, fighting my way to the coast.

    It is a very fun campaign.
  • JastallJastall Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,137
    You need to be highly aggressive at first. Eshin and Malus WILL come for you, so you should strike first. Secure your initial province, make peace with the stunties, then turn around, recruit a 20 stack, and eliminate Eshin, preferably before they slaughter the Pigbarter boyz. From there, turn south towards Malus and show him that dragons beat demons. About at that point you have the option of confederating Caledor, IMO do so and just put a garrison in the main settlement for now.

    Wait until your position is secure in the Darklands before committing any actual armies to Caledor. Then you can decide whenever you bloody Grimgor and/or Thorgrim's nose, or retreat to Ulthuan and go for a more traditional HE campaign.
  • KoryvarnKoryvarn Registered Users Posts: 20
    I managed to beat Eshin early on by taking the starting province, peacing out with dwarves, then rushing at the Eshin capital. Had to abandon the province to the local orc tribe after Eshin was wiped out, but that was fine... orcs are a great source of XP and money. Once all my 3 settlements had walls, I crushed the orcs, then Malus Darkblade, and began the fight against Grimgor around turn 50.... it's now turn 175 and that cockroach is almost gone.
  • ZelnikZelnik Registered Users Posts: 471
    So here are some pieces of advice.

    First, mods will set you free. One useful one makes Imrik capable of inhabiting jungle environments (for some reason the Dragon Isles are jungle environments and not island environments) which at least makes a little more sense.

    There is also a mod that has your capital shift to Vauls Anvil upon confederation, which makes it MUCH easier (and makes more sense).

    If you don't do this, I will try to help you, this is for Hard/Hard

    1. Make sure your fire mage is Primed or is a Dealer. That way you have a potent mage OR extra cash, because that fire mage is important for the future.

    2. Upgrade the dragons graveyard BEFORE you upgrade your capital to level 3. you will need the dragon knights you get out of it.

    3. upon securing your first province, sue for peace with the dwarfs and ignore them. Build imrik's army with rangers and not spearmen. They are cheaper and better at killing skaven then even lothern sea guard

    4. Go immediatly to gnoblar country and kick over the capital province. This will hamstring Clan Eshin and prevent them from having any sort of decent armies. Push south and wipe them out, along with Red Sun. Once you have your second province, start getting ready to remove Malus.

    5. Your first several dragon encounters should be used for influence. You will need it for later.

    6. When you return to Caledor, go back with favors to make the other High Elves like you. Realize that without mods the only benefit you get out of this is usually a few high tier buildings directly in the path of Naggarond and Cult of Pleasure's invasion path. You also cannot afford the armies they give you.

    At best they give you benefits to technology.

    Take this chance to send out some of the agents to find Teclis and Nagarythe. Assuming they are still alive, focus on confederating with them to preserve their legendary lords, you will need them in the future. Teclis is usually the first to die, so work hard on getting him.

    7. Malus is pretty easy to remove since he usually invades south against Khaleda. Again, strike his capital and clean up. If he sues for peace after securing the dragon isles, accept. You now have access to trade with Khaleda and Kroq Gar.

    Dwarves by now are usually wiped out to your west. The Orks only invade you about 25% of the time, since they usually spend their time attacking other dwarves. If they DO decide to attack you, return home and take advantage of the bottlenecks in your land and ambush the waaghs as they come in. It's free money and XP. You can and will be able to do this all with just Imrik. When you are advanced enough, replace your archers with shadow warriors and rangers with the new silver spear troops. Keep your dragon alive and keep your dragon princes alive, keep at least 3 dragon princes.

    8. Eventually you will have enough xp to get Imrik's dragon. Once you have his dragon you can start fighting legendary dragons. start collecting.

    9. Hunt for a fire archmage with Incendiary, or a fire mage with the merit, and get a really good prince or princess. If you have confederated with Teclis, just get a good prince for him, if it's Alith Anar, get that incindiary mage. This second army is hard to keep alive and hard to fund. If you are being "Waagh!"d, you have income in the form of ork armies. Push west SLOWLY. DO not get overconfident!!

    10. Finally get to the badlands and get a connection to the ocean. Game over, you win as trade explodes and you become wealthier then god.

    When it comes to confederation:Only confederate with the other major LL factions if they are about to be exterminated. You have to be quick, careful and surgical with it too. Teclis is the most likely to go, I have never seen him survive long enough for me to save him. Alith Anar is the usually the next to go.

    In Imrik's campaign they are actually amazingly useful as LL's because Teclis helps your mages and Alith Anar is an amazing ambusher (vital for Imrik's position)

    Tyrion, Eltharion and Allariele are not as essential because they A. Don't have mechanics that help too much, B. usually survive to confed with each other, and C. are redundant for the campaign.

    Tyrion is just a melee lord, good at his job yes, his biggest benefit is that he can reduce recruitment times. Imrik is better in combat and has a friggin dragon

    Eltharion is a decent mage hybrid but your fire mages and archmages don't have item restrictions on magic, can fly on dragons and you don't get access to mistwalkers.

    Allarielle is wonderful for influence generation and keeping her army alive, but you don't get access to her units, her magic doesn't work well with the 'fire' motif of imrik, and you have better options elsewhere for magic.

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