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Campaign camera movement suddenly not smooth (like its being dragged over rough terrain)

wisedudewisedude Registered Users Posts: 94
edited June 2020 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Tried posting under performance and graphics but that place is honestly dead so I might aswell try here since the issue is techinically Campaign related as I don't have the issue in fights.So here we go.

Started 3 days ago in the evening as in the morning all was fine and I was deep in a 100 turn campaign with no issues.I applied no changes to my PC but now inbetween my 100 turn imrik campaign my camera movement is suddenly all bumpy like the camera is being dragged over rough terrain.Like, if I hold the D key to move the camera right you can kinda tell its not "smooth" as you can see "small bumps" while its moving.This didn't happen before 3 days ago and the issue carries over new campaigns too at the very start.

Anyone ever experienced such an issue?

I tried clean re-installing my driver (442.59)/Re-installing the game/Delete old save files/verify the game's integrity but nothing works.

My ingame settings have not changed either and Warhammer totalwar 2 is the only game that seems to be effected by this issue.Again,The issue presented itself 3 days ago in the evening without me changing anything and it only happens in the campaign map as the camera has no issues when in battle.
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