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Arcane Phoenix rebirth bug

steamybathtubsteamybathtub Registered Users Posts: 1
I was playing a greenskin vortex campaign yesterday and in one of my battles I noticed that my general got absolutely deleted when I looked away for just a second. I was super confused so I saved the replay and rewatched it.

My general was on a catchweb spidershrine with 6000 hp left when an arcane Phoenix that is almost dead swoops in and then gets hit by my general. When the Phoenix does the rebirth animation, my general's health goes down from 6000 to dead in less than a second. I slowed down the replay and he wasn’t under any negative buffs and no artillery or anything hit him during this time so I'm all but certain that it was the Phoenix that caused this.
Also it probably doesn't matter but just in case, the general was the spiderclaw general from the greenskin tech tree.

I attached the replay and I hope it helps. (It happens about 3min and 40 seconds in)


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