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A few thoughts and ideas on the Greenskin upgrade

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1: Waaagh. Well done, I like it, it's a lot better than it was previously. One issue I have with it however are the waaagh trophies. Since they are permanent until the next waaagh is over means that after getting a particularily big trophy you are discouraged from calling another waaagh anytime soon, simply because the benefits of having a biggest waaagh and 100 reputation usually outweigh the benefits of getting some extra units and a chance for a potentially worse trophy as well as the risk of getting debuffs from ending up as a bottom feeda.
What I would do about it: Simply cap the duration of every waaagh trophy to 20 turns, then have them run out. That's still plenty of time, probably even enough to generate the next waaagh to be ready and just means that you are going to be less conservative about it.

2: Waaagh Units: Again, I do like them. I do however feel like it would nice if there was a bit more randomness to what you are gonna be getting. Of course, bigger trophies mean bigger units, and a biggest trophy should always net you one or two big monsters, but does it always have to be one Lava Arachnarok and one Feral Hydra? Mix it up a little, or maybe also add in the chance to net you some not waaagh-exclusive units, maybe a regular Arachnarok, a Giant or a Rogue Idol.
Aside from that, I would like to see some extra methods of getting waaagh-exclusive units. Calling a waaagh on a mid-sized faction being the only way of getting a feral wyvern is a bit of a hassle. With Groms Spider Yolk ingredient granting a few Lava Spider Rider Archers and Puffer Fish adding soopa squigs, we also already have precedent for getting waaagh units through alternate means. Here's some other ideas:
a) Quests. Why not have a chance to get a bunch of armoured Squig Riders or a Wyvern as a reward for helping out another tribe through a quest?
b) Bonus effect from Buildings. Of course not just any buildings, but I wouldn't mind it if certain landmarks (i.e. Beast Lairz and Squig Nests) had a small chance every round to add a waaagh unit to the recruitment pool?
c) Map encounters. Maybe you could occasionally have the choice between Treasure or a Monster to recruit after an encounter at sea. Or there could occasionally be a Night Goblin trader on the map who offers you some to buy (which would go well with the lore as specific Night Goblin Tribes specialize in Squig Breeding or stealing Wyvern eggs to sell to other Greenskins).

3: New unit additions: I'm slightly dissapointed that there wasn't a single new Orc unit, though it's not a big surprise considering it's a Grom DLC. Well, at least we do now have BOBB. One unit I have a complaint with though is the Rogue Idol. It routing and running off the map (or rather trying to, because slow as it is, it's usually gonna get killed before it manages to escape) just feels wrong. After all, it's not a living being but a pile of rock that was possessed by the Green Godz. Just have the game treat it as a construct. It should crumble, not break.

4: The Tech Tree: It's a big improvement from what we had previously, however I'm not entirely happy with it. It feels like it's 50% Goblin and Night Goblin Upgrades, 30% campaign boosts and the remaining 20% are shared between Upgrades for Orcs and Monsters and those Upgrades are primarily just unlocking their scrap upgrades. I feel like those Technologies should both be a bit more numerous and a bit more general. Like, I'm not happy about Orc Boar Cav and Savage Orc Boar Cav requiring 2 separate technologies to unlock their scrap Upgrades. They should have that unlocked in 1 tech skill and have the other one simply provide general unit boosts. Simular situation with Orc Boyz and Savage Orcs. I'd rather have one upgrades for all Boyz tier orc Units and one for all Big'Un tier units. There also should just been a few skills that buff all Orc units, maybe some that are purchased with teef (yeah, can we also please turn gold into teef?) to mirror what Goblins get through Use 'em and Abuse 'em.
Also, whilst I do like that there's two unique lord options, I feel like more could have been done with that, especially with poor Oglok who, unlike Raknik, didn't get an extra ability to use. Just some easy things like give them maybe one extra skill to buff up their thematic units (Creepier spidaz instead of Nastier Squigs for Raknik, Bigga Boars for Oglok), give some special mounts (a gaint Spider like the Goblin Big Boss has for Raknik, a juiced up and faster boar with immune to psych and anti-large for Oglok, he could in exchange not have that Wyvern). To me it seems clear that those lords are supposed to get a thematic army, which is of course why they buff particular unit types, so why not roll with it a little more? I could also see them have an extra scrap upgrade, like the Legendary Lords do.

5: Scrap. Good system, I do like it. However, I feel like some of the lord specific ones could be better, particularily Azhags wizardly weapons feel kind of crappy. Imo they should also imbue magic damage, that way there would at least be an decision to make, rather than trying to figure out which of the upgrades amounts to a bigger damage boost (so, if you were to fight Bretonnia or Elves, you'd go with the Wizardly weapons, against dwarfs you'd just go with bonus damage or armour). It also seems like those lords lose access to their specific scrap upgrades if you confederate them, which just doesn't sit right with me. If I confederate Skarsnik as Grom, I still want his Night Goblins to be a bunch of toxic little scumbags to shank the Nobility of Bretonnia in a spot where the sun doesn't shine.
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