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Suggestion about improvements for Three Kingdoms

MihawkHawkeyesMihawkHawkeyes Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi I'm new to the community and just want to share something with the developers to improve game experience for Three Kingdoms.

It would be nice if you could give units extra skill points once they hit lvl 10.
I was excited when I found out after 500h of playing this game that you can rename the units once they are lvl 10. I thought that maybe u can rename them as special forces or something like that and get special bonuses like extra 10 armour or charge bonus or whatever.

So I thought it would be nice if u could add such a feature for campaign mode that we can choose extra stats for units that hit lvl 10 by giving them special training or something like that.

It can be like:
When units hit lvl 10
special training imperial guard: 10 armour bonus
special training imperial force: 10 charge bonus
special training imperial armour breaker: 10 armour breaker etc.

I just wanted to share my opinion with you
Love your Total War Series and I will welcome new DLC's to support your great work!

Best Regards


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