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How to increase performance/fps in large battles? TW:Wh2

xSwarmlordxSwarmlord Registered Users Posts: 2
I've been searching answers to this for a long time, but usually people just talk about the turn times n loading times. I personally have no problem with those. What i'm asking is what is the best way to increase fps in large battles (PC parts, mods, settings)? Apologies in advance, if i sound dumb, cuz i don't know that much bout PCs. My old PC broke, so now that i'm buying a new one, i decided to do quite a bit of upgrading. I had GTX 1080 Ti n Intel core i7-8700K. I decided that i would buy RTX 2080 Super n Intel core i9-10900K, to replace those two mentioned. Also the game will be on SSD n i have 16gb of RAM. I'm also going to play on stock values of the parts. Unless there's a big difference, if i overclock etc (idk, so u tell me). Wh2 is my main game, so i literally just want the best possible performance for that game alone (without setting my PC on fire ofcrs lol). Let me know, if i'm missing important information from this post.


  • nbrauchernbraucher Registered Users Posts: 7
    Until CA can actually take this seriously and invest the resources into better developing DirectX12, there really is not very much you can do other than play around with the graphics settings which might help with +/- 10 FPS either way.

    I have been a TW player since MTW1, and through almost a dozen PC builds now have watch the poor scaling of DirectX9/10/11 not take advantage of advanced hardware. When DX12 hit with Warhammer 1/2, things have improved quite a bit, but it seems like they have given up and resorted back to the over a decade old DX11 API which scales like poo on multi-core CPU's. The shot-callers seem to think nobody will notice. Its for this reason I will not buy any new TW game beyond WHTW2 until they get back on track with their core tech.
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