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War Co-ordination Target Selection Bug?

rivesmrivesm Registered Users Posts: 7
This is a very minor issue, more of a user experience thing, however it has bothered me since Total War: Warhammer I. I have put in hundreds of hours on this game so it pops up for me regularly and would be nice to have fixed.


From the campaign map: You click on the scroll in the bottom right corner to take you into the diplomacy screen. The camera pans up to a greater 2D map view. You'll select a military ally from the list and "Select War Co-ordination Target".

The cursor will turn into a target reticule when over armies and cities that qualify. In certain cases, from this high up 2D map view you'll be unable to select viable war targets. You click on the qualifying army or city and the reticule simply disappears without registering that your ally has received the target information.

The only way to get the target as selected (you'll know it worked because a sound will play and the enemy banner will show up under your ally on the diplomacy list) in the diplomacy screen is to scroll the camera in just close enough so that it goes from the 2D map view to the 3D campaign view. Then your click will register the war co-ordination target correctly.

A very minor issue for what is probably my favorite game of all time. It would be nice to be able to select war co-ordination targets from the zoomed out 2D map view that it defaults to when in the diplomacy scroll screen instead of having to scroll in.

Just thought I'd let y'all know. Thanks for the game of my dreams :). Looking forward to TW: WH III.


  • MasterSayo01#2856MasterSayo01#2856 Registered Users Posts: 1,240
    Hello rivesm,

    I suspect, that you must place this in the section: WARHAMMER II SUPPORT FORUM - CAMPAIGN & BATTLE BUGS!

    This section is only for the first game Total War: Warhammer.

    Moderator can you please move to the right section: WARHAMMER II SUPPORT FORUM - CAMPAIGN & BATTLE BUGS?

    For the Empire Reikland! Long live Emperor Karl Franz!

  • rivesmrivesm Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thank you for the suggestion. I'll move it there too. Thanks!
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