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High Beastmaster in Singleplayer

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This Lord just strikes me as too bland on the campaign map. The entire skill line just gives one unique ability which is some bonus to one unit of more charge bonus and damage. It's a really good ability, but it's also all he has that really stands out. The yellow skill line gives a self buff with bonus vs large and more damage. Not really that interesting. He feels more like a worse Dreadlord on the battle map.

As for campaign bonuses he gains reduced recruitment duration and 8+ meele attack and defence for monsters. He also gains some charge bonuses for Cold Ones aswell as monsters, but you get the point. It is sort of bland, but the campaign skill tree gets the job done. Specializing in monsters.

So my suggestion is to give him some more abilities on the battle map. Maybe he can whip monsters into a rampage. Yes, you lose control over them for some time, but you are in control when that happens. Naturally the monsters get bonuses to meele attack or something. Even more interesting(At least to me) would be to sacrifice health for bonuses. For example restoring a firebreath stack for Hydras for an X ammount of hitpoints or instantly refresh the cooldown. You could also add a really loud whipping noise when you use the ability, which is always fun.

The Tomb Kings Hero that specializes in constructs also has some fun niches that CA could improve or copy. I hope that the High Beastmaster can stand out a little bit more in the future.

PS: I would also like to note that Dreadlords and many Lords in general kind of suffer from this problem. We could use more abilities like "Hold the Line" from the Empire Lords. The High Elven Archmage was made to stand out beautifully with a simple focus on extra power reserve and better casters with cooldown reductions. The bound Chain Lightning was brilliant. I have made an earlier post talking about mount specialization and maybe that will do the trick all on it's own. Who knows.

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