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Under Water Map Bug when Fighting Battle Near Ulthuan

HhellothereHhellothere Registered Users Posts: 2
I recently started playing the Greenskins campaign after the recent change to them. I have had no issues to note up until this point. However, I am now on turn 298, and I am taking on Naggarond on Ulthuan. I have a full stack army in forced march stance close to the city Elessaeli, as well as a damaged full stack close by. Naggarond has roughly three full stacks nearby, and when I end the turn they attack my full stack army. The issue is when I go into the battle to manually play it, the map is completely underwater aside from a few pieces of land. I am unable to move my units in deployment phase and when I start the battle it proceeds to crash. I should note as well that both of my armies are in the water not on land, and when they are attacked it takes place in the ocean as well. I can auto resolve it however this will lead to a loss resulting in both of my armies being defeated whereas in a manual fight I feel I could definitely beat them. This is not too much an inconvenience however I thought it best to report this possibly campaign breaking bug.

I should also note I have tried reloading multiple times as well as verifying the games files with Steam. I have not tried to reinstall the game, however, as it would take quite a while with my internet.

I have attached a snippet of the screenshot I took through steam showing the battlefield.


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