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Polygon tearing

GwallterGwynGwallterGwyn Registered Users Posts: 1
Bit of a weird one here. I'm at a loss, hoping someone out there has an idea as to what is causing this.

Build: 13871.1953281

Detailed description:

Polygon tearing present in game on both the campaign map and during battles. The issue is usually worse on the campaign map.

It affects both Three Kingdoms and Warhammer II, but not Thrones of Britannia, and first appeared shortly (about a week or so) before the release of the Warden and the Paunch DLC. I had guessed that, given that it affects both games, it must be something to do with the interaction of the game engine with the GPU driver, but rolling back the driver hasn't worked.

Reproduction Steps:

Launch a campaign or battle.


Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

Tried changing graphical settings (nothing works).
Updated GPU driver.
Rolled back GPU driver to old version from beginning of Feb.
Disabled all mods.
Verified integrity of game cache through Steam.

DxDiag attached. I've also uploaded a short video of the issue here:

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