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Help with Warhammer 2 settlement battles take place outside of settlment walls always

Claybell11Claybell11 Registered Users Posts: 1
I am playing warhammer 2 as the dark elves and i am not new to the total war series i have played it ever since the very first rome total war came out, and i am in the middle of the campaign and my siege battles are not working when i am defending my settlements. It always make me fight the battle outside of the settlement. I am on the defending side and i do not start the attack and sally fourth to meet them in the field, i also make sure that my troops/lord are actually stationed within the settlement and they always are inside of it. Idk what to do, anyone got any ideas?


  • ChiperMChiperM Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited June 2020
    Do the settlments in question have walls? Only walled settlements will have sieges, otherwise it's a field battle.

    When you click on a settlement, in the province panel, by the upper left side of each settlement there's a symbol of a wall witch can be green, yellow or red; this symbol indicates that the settlements has walls. Only capital settlements in the province have wall nativelly, you need to build walls as a separete building.

    Alo, if you are in a walled settlement and you try to attack a besieging army, the fight will take place on the field and not on your settlements (after all, you are sallying out to attack them). You'll only fight the enemy inside your settlement if they attack after laying siege for some turns, so you'll have to wait for them to take the initiative.
  • lillbobbylillbobby Registered Users Posts: 2
    I am also having this problem. It seems to be a glitch as for some reason even with upgraded walls in any faction that Ive played im getting attacked in an open battle when its supposed to be defence seige battle. For instance, I started a dwarf legendary campaign and upgraded a defence building to tier 3. When the orcs attacked, it took place in an open field intead of a fortification.
  • WeigldavidWeigldavid Registered Users Posts: 3
    Is there a fix to this? It seems like no matter which city, a devensive battle always happens outside the settlement
  • KingTrollKingTroll Registered Users Posts: 1
    This happens to me but when I am attacking, and I think removing some fun.

    I think it is when the attacker attacks a lord outside the wall, and then the lord in the castle is automatically drawn in to protect him.

    I think if the guys saying they don't have settlement battles check do they have lord's outside the city. (You probably do as you can only have one lord in a city). It all is a bit odd, kind of unrealistic to not have more than one lord in the city. But I suppose it prevents people turtling up so much ??

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