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**** CA: Stop adding historically inaccurate units!!!

ElvasatElvasat Registered Users Posts: 3
CA has a habit of making up factions and units that didnt existed in history. Be it women in Rome 2 as amazons, Bronze age egypt in the first rome, Portugal, Russia in Medieval 2 and so on. But what really bothers me is that CA has added "Kurdish archers" in Atilla, which didnt existed at that time and their description "Kurdish archers are held in high regard, especially by their enemies." makes it sound like CA has done it on purpose to appease terrorists. I could never comprehend why CA is doing this, are they historically illiterate, are they doing in on purpose or is it all for the **** and giggles.

"They are not referred to as 'Kurds', however" Then why call them as such in the first place? Why not call the Gypsy archers because they were just Iranian gyspies.

So why am i so bothered about this you ask? As a Turkish player, i am very offended by the fact that CA is most likely trying to appease seperatists by making them believe that they existed in a time they didint, which just emboldens terrorists in my country to try and steal our lands even more.

I really hate modding all these units out.



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