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feedback on recent (and not so recent) changes/updates

jfermor280389jfermor280389 Registered Users Posts: 9

Apologizes if this is not the right thread to post this in; and if I am clumping to many topics together.I meant to post feed back earlier but I forgot.

I wanted to post my thoughts on the changes/updates to TWW2's campaign and give some feedback and suggestions on what I think would be cool to have in the future. I don't know how to organize this into an order, so I'll just try to keep everything in separate paragraphs I guess.

The most recent changes to the Greenskins overall I think are excellent. Their previous tech was not thematic so much as I felt I was handicapped with a crappy tech tree. The new one is much better. I also appreciate the changes to Waagh both in making it an army ability in battle and the changes to it on the campaign map. I got the impression from the lore material/videos that I have looked at that a waaagh is almost like a geological event like an earthquake or a hurricane. The new version is much closer to that and I think it's good because it has given the faction a unique flavor and it makes them more fun to play. I also really like the addition of the Waagh units. I think that is a great way of encouraging the player to use the mechanic.

Another addition I want to mention is the Imrik FLC. I think it is really good because Imrik and his campaign feels unique. I think it was a great idea to have unique dragons. The standard buffs to dragon units is all good but being able to recruit unique and powerful units really helps his campaign standout. I also really like the idea of having unique buildings with recruitable units at or near a lords start position and want to see more of that. I think it's a great way to differentiate a lords campaign if they have access to buffs and certain units earlier than is typical. Imrik's campaign is a really good example and it would be great if we could get more of that in the future.

A suggestion I would like to make is it would be great if the Vampire Counts' (and Dwarf) campaigns could get some more love in the future. The addition of the bloodlines was good but compared to the later changes to Empire and Greenskins I feel it is lackluster because it is just an addition and does not change/improves the VC's campaign or how the faction feels to play. From the material I have looked at I got the sense that the VCs depend a lot on the amount of latent magic around them; and that the necromancers and vampire lords act like batteries that power the whole army. So, there are two additions I can think of that I think could be cool . In battle and on the campaign map, it could be interesting to incorporate the state of the winds of magic of the local region to give the VC army a buff or nerf. Maybe something like a vigor loss reduction/increase in battle and a recruitment cost reduction/increase for campaign map? The VCs could than have a building that boosts the local magic in the area. I think this would be a good change also because it would give the player a reason to pay attention to the state of the winds of magic in their regions; I found currently I can just ignore it.
Another addition I would suggest would be to tie the lords magic proficiency to the army's performance in battle in some way. Perhaps a buff to melee attack? For example, Master Necromancers would be individually weaker than Vampire lords but the buff they give to the army could be greater. Ghoul kings could give a different buff(say charge bonus) than vampire lords and the buffs from legendary lords could be even more pronounced and unique. That way players would have more choice and things to consider when building their armies. Currently, the only reason I would recruit a master necromancer ( or Helman Ghorst for that matter) is because I can't afford anything else.

And finally, I would like to see some tweaks to the implementation of Malus Darkblade's campaign. Mainly in that I think it would be good to be able to use the daemon ability at any time and then take an increase in possession after rather than waiting till possession is at 10 to be able to use the ability. I don't enjoy having such a small window of opportunity where I can actually use the ability that makes Malus unique before I have to buy a potion to stave off the replenishment debuff.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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