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Make the Glittering Tower Great Again.

PTreePTree Registered Users Posts: 599
Glittering Tower
The Glittering Tower is a fortified lighthouse south of the Elven city of Lothern.

Nearly a mile away from the Emerald Gate of Lothern stands the Glittering Tower - a great lighthouse filled with thousands of lamps, situated on a rocky isle in the mouth of the treacherous Straits of Lothern. Mighty fortresses cluster at its base, each bastion made of marble, equipped with scores of bolt throwers and garrisoned by hundreds of Sea Guard warriors.[2a]

Designed to protect the Emerald Gate of Lothern, the fortifications blend seamlessly with the cliffs and rocks of the island, in a manner both lethal and aesthetically pleasing.

Anyone approaching the Emerald Gate can easily be caught in a crossfire between the massive war engines in the Glittering Tower and those on the Gate itself. The sight of these


Question for great modders...

Is there a way to add a big spanking, sparkling tower onto the campaign map?

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