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Upgrade advice :)

El_TorrenteEl_Torrente Registered Users Posts: 1
I plan to upgrade my pc. Currently I have fx 6300 and r9 270x 8gb ram.

Since I have to buy new MB and ram probably new psu, I will first buy that and later in year will take new gpu, hopefully new gpu from amd or nvidia will come out by then. Or maybe something like 1660 or 2060 ?

I would like to max out on 1440p Total War games with huge battles.

Is 3600x enough ?

And for MB will MSI tomahawk max be a good choice?



  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,031
    Processor should be fine.

    I'd recommend not getting the B450 though.

    If you're going to do an AMD, splurge on the 4.0 upgrade. No reason to get a new system with half the bandwidth you can achieve, and the biggest problem with Ryzen's consumer line is a serious lack of bandwidth. It will cost you another hundred bucks to get an X570 board, but in return you can plug a 7GB/s NVME drive into there some time in the next year or so.
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