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[Mod] Norsca: Loot & Raze for the Gods

WolfyLPDCWolfyLPDC Registered Users Posts: 79
edited June 9 in Community Mods
After three years, I have finally decided to port two of my more required mods from TW:W to TW:W2. These mods are Norsca: Loot & Raze and Norsca: Loot & Raze for the Gods.

Both of these mods are based on the point that Norscan economy is real bad, and you only can get good money by loot. However, you have to raze to achieve gods acclaim, which results in two fights per settlement: one for looting, one turn passes, one for razing. It is slow and boring, so I decided to merge these actions into one.

Why there are two mods? The main mod is Norsca: Loot & Raze for the Gods, where the major difference is that you can raze a city for a God while still looting it. However, some people claimed that sometimes they just want to raze and loot, without favoring any God, so I gave them the possibility.

These are the links of the mods:
  1. Norsca: Loot & Raze for the Gods
  2. Norsca: Loot & Raze
I hope you love them!

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