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Coop Waargh!!! Bug or...?

EdwardT19EdwardT19 Registered Users Posts: 1
Any reason why that when you play a coop campaign as 2 greenskin tribes you can only have 1 active Waaagh at a time?

All other greenskin tribes (non player) are free to call a Waaagh at the same time as the player but only 1 player can call a Waaagh at any one time. You also stop gaining passive points or points from winning battles whilst your ally has one active. You can only gain Waaagh points by razing settlements, which is capped at 2 per settlement.

Waiting 20 turns between each Waaagh is a pain especially early game when there is already a delay getting your first Waaagh. I understand it is meant to feel like all local greenskins are rallying to your cause but both of us can be across the world and still only have 1 active at a time whilst the AI greenskin tribe next to you calls one at the same time.

Late game wouldn't be as much of an issue but an early Waaagh is essential to assert dominance off the bat. Very annoying that one of you had to hold off for an 20 additional turns to expand aggressively. Especially as Grom or The Green Prophet who are surrounded by enemies early on.

Is this a bug or done on purpose? Rest of the rework for greenskins is sound. Really improved their play. This is just making multiplayer frustrating!


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