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Empire authority/fealty mechanics are very buggy..and other empire issues

captainbeastfeastcaptainbeastfeast Registered Users Posts: 68
1. when you attack an elector count that has chosen to secede from the empire you get an authority penalty if you take their capital.
2. when you choose to assist an elector in defence of a settlement via a dilemma the UI tells you that you have -1 authority because you 'attacked' an elector settlement (even though you were helping to defend it!).
3. In the elector counts allocation screen you can't reallocate your faction leader (Gelt and Franz currently) to another owned elector count slot. There is no way to 'detach' them from their original seat even though their elector weapons can be swapped.
4. It seems odd that there are no public order/tax/other penalties if your authority drops to -10, even though you do have stat penalties at -9 authority.
5. returning more than one setllement to an existing (currently alive) elector does not seem to confer any additional fealty bonuses.
6. Also, why are alliance and vassalage missing from empire internal diplomacy with elector counts? Vassalage should really be an alternative option to confederation when the event for that pops up.
7. electors who attempt to secede from the empire keep their elector count seats in the elector count menu. after seceding they will only declare war on the player's faction and not the other electors as well. Also there are no follow up events/dilemmas regarding an elector state's secession once the first event has popped up.
8.ai controlled reikland forms alliances with marienberg - this should not happen because these diplomatic options are not available to a human player.
9. it is possible to force hostile elector counts to confederate with you even though you are at war with them. This expoit can be achieved by repeatedly razing an elector's settlement and then returning it to them in the army colonisation menu. This is easier to do with multiple armies present around the settlement and is a quick way to earn easy lord experience points.

many of these issues have been present since the release of the empire rework patch.


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