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A mod idea: cross era

Wardy20Wardy20 Registered Users Posts: 1
So i realized there has been very few mods that have some cross era warfare (antiquity vs medieval etc) So my mod idea as the title suggests a an era at war mod, preferably for medieval 2 or the original Rome total war.

Some factions

Roman Empire(first century)
Ancient Macedon
Some germanic tribe(s) (or pre HRE germania)
Slavic Tribe(s)

France (1200's)
England (1000's)
Aragon (1200's)
Portugal (1100's)
Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine 1000's)
Seljuks (1100's)
Poland (1300's)
Medieval Egypt (?(idk I'm not as well versed medieval))
Norway (800's (vikings?))

Just to name quite a few but yeah it makes me somewhat sad I haven't seen many cross era mods the few i have usually aren't serious mods. I am no good at modding I personally think this is an interesting
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