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General stuff and Rework for Beastmen and Wood elves

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First: I m not English, i used Google translate

Hochland: Hoch land ;;; nicht Hoc land
in English: High land
Pfeildorf: Pfeil dorf ;;; nicht Pfil dorf Pfe ildorf e i sounds like Ei with is the german word for egg
Englsh: Arrow village

Dietershafen: Dieters hafen ;;; nicht dieter sh afen
it is the harbour of Dieter, Dieter is an old German male Name
English: Dieters harbour

just for the Steamers, if some of them are reading this
just because

Im German so I made an Order:
Those are just things I think would massively improve the game and the factions, i didnt specify what new units, if you want ideas than you can watch "the great book of grudges" on youtube

General stuff
- Legendary lords respwan
- Free LC (because of the Reworks
- Settlements builing slots
- Settlement apperances
- Lord transfers
- new type of Corrupion
- new climates
- resources
- changed UI
- Faction death
- diplomacy (region traiding)
- Music

- Corruption
- Mechanics
- Horde loss
- Settlements
- Lords and heroes
- Special
- Units and special buildings

Wood Elves
- Corruption
- Technology
- Settlements
- Victory conditions
- new mechanics
--> Ember
--> Offices
--> Tree
--> Ariel
--> Wild hunt
--> World routs
-> game start
- new units
- Ladies

-Winning conditions


When a legendary lord's faction is wiped out, it goes into the main faction, or the next strongest faction of its race
This enables the recruitment of all lords in a campaign.
I would set a timer for this for around 10.
However, this is not possible if the player was the one who destroyed the faction.
Then the Legendary Lord moves to another faction or is wiped out.

Free LC:
Vladimir von Raukov and Ostland
The empire is very large, but in the whole area in the north there is no legendary lord with which the player could start.
This ensures that players gets to know the area earlier than after about 100 turns. (not included difficulties less than very hard)

All settlements in the game receive 2 more building slots.
The money from all buildings is reduced slightly.
There will be up to 3 new building types for each faction that have support functions,
I.e. a function like the streets of humans or dark elves, or the pool of the Lizardmen.

Settlements were always just money machines. The resource buildings were rarely used, especially when it came to their bonuses.
More buildings give the player the opportunity to properly specialize smaller cities.
For example, an imperial city: if a city has iron, it gives a local boost to the infantry. However, you had to build the resouce and usually walls, which is why only 1 slot remained. However, two buildings are necessary for rectification of two-handers: smithy and barrack.
There are already 2 slots in port cities. However, since most players build walls, only 1 remains.
This change gives the player many more opportunities to better develop and specialize cities.
It also shows a bigger variety when it comes to buidings, giving you the choise of more.

BUT: no negatives or small Garrisons from these buildings unless playing bretonia (naturally)

Another reason is warhammer 3:
The whole map should have around 300 Settlements, not more,
that means, the area of each faction is smaller, witch forces them to attack other areas if they want to be a big empire

Empire holds all of the empire, but has to go to the Darkland or Bretonnia if they want to become really big

with more Buildings in each Settlement it will compensate for the lack of actual regions

Settlement appearance:
All settlements that are necessary for victory conditions should have a unique appearance.
All of these settlements should have 12 (+2 generally included) slots, including the settlement building and any ports
Added more settlements to the victory conditions:

Lord transfers:
The carsteins are either moved with more narrative, eg you only start with isabella and have to unlock Vlad via Battle and mission.
Tempelhof gets West Sylvania as a whole
they stay in Sylvania but will have control of western sylvania

New corruption: wild growth
a new type of corruption is created for beastmen and woodelves, the wild growth.
It has a positive impact on the cities of the political groups, but has no negative effects on them.
Other factions get damage like normal vampire corruption.
more of that later

new Climates:
especially Sylvania and the marches of Madness certain river basins like in Talabecland, and Marienburg
Forest of Arden, forest areas in the empire etc.
wild land
especially the parts of Naggaroth not covered by snow, because its dumb to make them cold if they are at the same hemisphere as the Empire and Bretonia
areas with volcanoes on the southern continents, the Parts of the World edge Mountains or Morathi's starting province

A fourth stage is installed for all fractions:
Green gives small advantages and stands for good
Yellow gives hardly any advantages but no disadvantages and stands for OK
dark orange gives the negatives as before
Red gives full negative as before
This gives the player the opportunity to settle other areas more easily with his starting faction and enables better migration.
Until now, it has hardly been possible to simply move to other places with your faction and fight against new / old factions there

The dark elves ALWAYS had to conquer Naggaroth and then ULthuan.
The change gives the opportunity to conquer the Imeprium instead.
Many factions will continue to be adjusted. This ensures that bad starts can be better compensated for:
Example: Kroq-gars and Badlands, even though it is directly above the desert, witch is habitable
Malus Darkblade with wasteland and desert; his starting position is extremely bad
Corner Factions espacially will have more opions

New resources
Further tradable resources are added
The resources are divided into trade, growth, military, and magic
Trade: Created by resource buildings like Schneider,
e.g. elven jewelry; golden idols
Purpose: money and positive relationships
Growth: produced by Breton mills, stone bread bakers, fields, ...
an excess of 50 enables a small growth bonus
Military: iron, copper, resources from military buildings such as "swords and armour" etc.
an abundance makes lower recrutment costs
Magical: Obsidian, Warp Stone, may give winds of magic + ...
This is just to have Buildings to do more than one thing.

Changed UI:

Legendary Lords can no longer confederate unless the player plays the respective factions or chaos occurs.
The legendary characters from the factions with legendary lords simply become the main faction
This enables a wider fraction diversity

The empire now has 3 Legendary Lords (with Ostland) in the old world, each of whom dominates part of the entire empire in the Middle and Endgame, when Chaos occurs, they unite
The same applies to e.g. Bretonia or dwarfs
The idea originates from Shogun 2
at the start of an campaign, there are a lot of factions, after turn 3, at least half are gone
in the Middle game there are arond 10 middle ones and a few small ones
Lategame for example only 2 ore 3 big ones, 1 middle 2 small
this means the world factions grow with the palyer and build out.
The no confederation ensures, that the big ones fight more and also more middle ones

Factions die more easily:
All factions with legendary Lords receive aggression bonuses against factions without them.
This ensures that the countries grow with the player
Many small factions at the start of the game
Less medium-sized in the middle
Few big ones in the endgame
Legendary lords of the same race fight less ( eg Thyrion and his Khaine mode)
Factions always try to completely conquer their provinces, which means that they prefer to wage war on factions, control parts of them.
Nations always try to secure the green or yellow areas of their race/faction.
Factions always try to conquer the areas that border their main province and don´t travel half the map just because the player is in a corner
Declarations of war due to the "LOL ^ s" no longer occurs:

A Norsca campange in which Moussillon declared war on me, sent his army, and then got their own province conquered.
But they xxx Albion up
Thyrion, Karl Franz; ... no explanation necessary
Norsca declares war on factions that dominate much of the coast, or the player, but focuses on the empire
Greenskin factions near them that are strong, or the player when strong, focus their environment

Less cultural hatred gives "bad factions" more advantages
Vampires trade with empire -> the countries of the vampires are still human countries where
the vapires just want to rule, similar to every other man
Dark elves, skaven, vampires can act more freely
It is possible to swap areas. The AI ​​prefers green areas or areas in which their cities are located.
Example: Dwarves want mountains and or dwarf cities
Empire wants imperial cities (graphic) or green areas (Bretonnia)

More music
The music should be adjusted and changed AND adjustable and changable
Background: I have 1400 hours in the game and just can't hear some songs anymore
More music for all factions that play longer
espacially empire and campaign



wild groth corruption instead of chaos corruption
-> Changes the map, it makes it look more overgrown and natural

It makes little sense for a faction that prefers to live in the forests to spread a corruption that destroys those forests.
The new wild growth symbolizes the "cleaned" country of everything harmful, such as people with their cities and farms and bridges
If the Beastmen are in an area of ​​+25 wild growth, there are +5 unit recovery
If the Beasmen fight in an area with +50 wild growth, they get advance ranks in the fight and can recruit certain monsters.

adapted hord mechanics
All army positions can be activated, even if the full 100 percent has been used up. Unless force march was used.

Armed Forces Loss:
If a horde is lost, the player has the option to reinstall it again with its buildings damaged but still there
With hordes its so much worse to loose one.
Background: Since hordes are also armies, it was rarely possible to send new hordes and generals to loot in the later game alone. This change enables more lax handling of the hordes.
Furthermore, the race is adapted to the other factions by losing armies as less "bad";
eg. the dwarfen Doomstacks

Settlements are no longer just destroyable
You can now use the loot and destroy option OR
Choose 4 different "settlement types":
Horde retreat (Hordenrückzugsort) -> Global growth for all hordes by 1, replenish units in the region
warriorgarther camp (Kriegslager)-> Bonus for the army in combat globally, higher garrison
Shaman Shrine (Schamanentempel) -> Global Magic Bonus, Local Magic Resistance, Local Generate Experience Points Bonus
Tribal camp (Stammlager) -> global cost reduction for units, local source of income
All types of settlement types have a garrison of 13 units, but no walls
In Warhammer 1, settlements were not immediately settled by any faction.
In Warhammer 2 it often happens that destroyed settlements are settled in the same round by a faction in which the player destroyed them.

This problem exists particularly in the empire, cancering around.
you play lategame... no chance
you play early game: destroy a minor faction, another calmes all, start destroying Reikland, they confederate another, start destroy that, a minor faction will colonize Reikland immediately and than confederate with Reikland
It also solves the problem with Bretonia. In the past, Breton lords simply ran away from the army and then settled one settlement after another.
The building change enables the Hordes to survive longer as an AI, and it provents immediate reclamations

Lords / heroes:
Khazarak and Morghur are exchanged
Khazarak is in Middenland and Morghur should be able to move against the woodelves.
However, Morghur begins in the Arden Forest in Bretonia, because Clan Skryre should be the main enemy for Estalia.
All Lords start with their own horde that can be Confederate.
If their horde is wiped out, there will be an event that tells you that after a timer of 10 rounds you can recrute their lords.

2 New Lords are added:
The bronze bull which starts in Talabecland
Another "magician" who starts in Naggaroth and has a negative relationship with the dark elves.
This gives players the opportunity to gain a foothold in another part of the empire which is usually barely visited and also to fight new races from Warhammer 2 with the Beastmen.

2 new heroes are added so that the beastmen come to 4.
These heroes play important roles such as unit replenishment for damaged units, etc.
a centaurus and a"seeker" a gor tracker.

The full moon event is being revised so that there is a bonus without large negatives
A new "extra" mechanic is inserted to replace the old one.
The green skins are not copied.
At best just delete it cause its mostly useless

Many new units with special roles are used.
The "speed gimic" remains on the battlefield for the beastmen fraction.

As a general rule:
Special buildings can be built in some areas:
Arden Forest, Talabecland, in an area of ​​Middenland; in the trees of the forest elves
in Naggaroth (Circle of Destruction, Monoliths)


Wood elves
Wild growth corruption
-> Changes the map, it makes it look more overgrown and natural
The magical forests spread with the spread of the forest elves on the campaign map. The forest elves receive a bonus for public order, but they do not suffer any disadvantages if they do not prevail

The technology tree is redone. with no amper consumption
I addition to that, 2 new large areas are added:
Recovery and land adaptation -> more in the area of ​​settlements

As before, forest elves can set up outposts. However, only a type with a large garrison that provides all the benefits in a weakened form for the faction, or mines with harvest the respective resource for trade.
Forest elves can occupy and colonize new areas through the technology tree reclamation and land adaptation:
Using technology, it is possible to occupy snow areas and build up to level 3. This technology takes 10 rounds.
An advanced technology enables the provincial capitals to be expanded to level 5
However, this with a negative relationship of 20 for all factions that own these areas as green.
In Warhammer 2, the outposts were very outdated because they could hardly be defended
Furthermore, it was not possible in higher levels of difficulty to keep individual regions in a province without revolting because the +6 of a single outpost did not cover the -4 / -8 and the -4 through taxes.
Cities can be built up normally and spread wild growth corruption, which provides positive public order for the Elven.
However, no walls can be built

New victory conditions:
1. The OAK must grow to level 5
2. Ariel needs to be awakend
3. The task battles against the beastmen must be won
NO Beastmen spawning out of the blue when doing Tree etc.

New mechanics:
The amber is completely revised.
So far it has been possible to win the game without conquering any settlement by simply clicking on the end of the round and "buying" allies with the money
There are no longer unit restrictions for the forest elf factions
Technologies no longer need amber
Amber is required only for the new win condition.
Furthermore, benefits for the campaign can be bought with amber
-> Amber is a resource that is produced similar to Skaven food, or oathgold
however in much less quantity.

The offices are completely revised; by being deleted.
In their place comes a council where the lords get little bonuses
The council advises on issues in the forests that have a positive or negative impact on the environment or other factions.
The relations to the other woodelves fractions are emphasized here.
The big oak has to grow at level 5, you can use amber for it; however, after each stage, a battle must be won against the beastmen who want to destroy the root parts.
No beastmen army spawns if the tree is upgraded to level 5.

Ariel has to be reawakened and is then available as a legendary sorceress with special magic. For this, amber must be collected and a task battle won. Furthermore, you have to do smaller tasks.
The final balle for this will be fought against Morathi to completely destroy her corruption, which Ariel had unwillingtly gained, witch led in the end to a civil war.
The Wild Hunt:
The Wild Hunt is created as an activatable event that can be put on an army. Meanwhile, the army receives strong bonuses based on their combat strength.

World roots:
The roots of the world are said to be magical roots that originated from the oaks of the old world.
However, there are gates that allow armies to travel to other trees:
In the game, a world root portal can be created in the forest cities of the forest elves, but not in those that lie outside the magical forests.
This enables the player to send armies to other treecities without delay.

Campaign Start:
You start the game by knowing all other forest elf races.
This enables easier confederation. AI woodelves stay passive and get attacked less (eg Reikland and the Loreloren)

new Ladies
Naestra and Arahan
The siblings start in Naggaroth, in the heavily forested area where they found an old tree.
The sisters traveled to Naggaroth to seek revenge against Morathi for Ariel's corruption and the civil war that followed.

Another lord for the Lorelon forest, just for more vatiety in the Empire,
so that it is possible for the player to start with the forest elves more different locations
Another forest elf fraction begins in the upper half of Lustria, in the area where the Amazons should be. (where there are many greenskins)The area is close to the local vaccinations and to the top right of the Sotek Mountains
The area is designed for wardancers and has a wardancer as a faction leader. OR an alternate Start for the Sisters.

new units:
The woodelves get new units, obviously.
More fighting dancers for the Sisters, maybe specialities
More forest spirits (parts of it could come from Age of Sigmar cause there are some cool models)
The style of play remains with archery and riders eg hit and run

General stuff:
14 buildings can be built in the tree settlements.
Trade and confederations are generated by technology, not by the level of the tree, or by offices or their required builds
New building types are added
A new hero is added, the War Dancer
A new general is added, the war dancer
It is possible to confederate Averlon and Alarielle, all areas of Averlon are considert a magical forest.
You´ll keep her current units, but you cannot recruit hight elf units except Sisters of Averlon and up to 4 Handmaidens. These two come from a special building in Averlon.
Further new buildings can be built:
A special one in every tree, depending on lore eg.
Also buildings in for example Quintex Averlon,...


no longer has to destroy the Empire and Bretonnia to win the game.
Three victory conditions:
1. Complete hunting book
2. Maximum affinity for a god
3. Looting of settlements and areas
This makes it possible to win the campaign without having to recruit mammoth armies that can compete with the armies of the order Tide.
Norscan tribes or other factions no longer declare war as quickly
You can only afford one good army if you own half of all of Norsca. That means you have to conquer a lot there.
But it would be better to have many raiding tribes longer, similar to bretonia or empire factions
Right now the moment you sail away with your army to loot is the moment another tribe attacks you. This will be changed, so that you can play viking as intended, while the other tribes all concentrade on other enemies like Kislev, Empire Factions Bretonnia etc,
Furthermore, Naggarond and Lothern declare war in higher difficulty levels for no reason. Which is dumb because you are not a raider but a constand defender of your Homeland because of it.
Also due to the changes mentioned in general at the very top, the other factions do not send doom stacks, which means that instead of looting, you have to continuously defend your territories.
These changes give the player the opportunity to go out with an army and pillage like real Vikings. And not to rush to Mammoth Doomstack
Id like to have a Trollstack, fimrir etc. but it was barely possible cause you had to destroy the Empire and all of their Doomstacks.
Thats all for now.
THX for reading if you managed that all.
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