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Mod Search; Hero army caps

JRCBurgessJRCBurgess Registered Users Posts: 17
Does anybody know of a mod which limits the number of heroes in an army? Or maybe something that limits it to one of each type ()though that seems like it would give big advantages to certain factions)? Something like Drunken Flamingo's masterful Table Top Caps, but for heroes, would be ideal.

If there is nothing like this around, do any experienced modders at least know if such a thing is possible? I'd be prepared to spend the next few months learning the necessary skills and putting the hours in, but only if such a thing were possible from the start.

Thanks for any feedback.


  • GrenefellGrenefell Registered Users Posts: 39
    edited June 17
    I feel like it might theoretically be possible to do it.

    I think what you would need to do is figure out what code prevents agents from attaching to armies when they are at their unit limit, then adapt that to check on heroes in the army.

    Unfortunately I have very little experience in making scripts, so the best way to find people who would really know if this is possible is through the very helpful people at the modding discord. Here's a link for ya, it only lasts a day, so if you miss it, let me know and I'll post it again.

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