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Why is ETW and NTW Multiplayer So Terrible for Me?

HamblesHambles MemberPosts: 33Registered Users
When i want to play a simple multiplayer game online, most of the time this is not possible because a message appears saying:

"Error: No response from host"

This drives me up the wall :mad: - most of the time, when i should be playing a battle online and having a good time with my friends, instead, i'm sitting in front of the moniter on the verge of insanity when i'm still stuck on the battle-list screen trying to join any game possible until i can actually join one - and in that time i could have read a chapter in a book or a TV program :mad: Apparently, some of my friends get the same problem - but not terrible as mine :mad:

How can i stop this and succeed in joining a game on first attempt?

Another question, when i do eventually manage to join a game, just when it's coming to its end, sometimes the game returns to the main menu with no message of a "Close Victory/Defeat", no message stating the host has left the game and no experience gained after the battle when it was a ranked battle... :mad:

What is the reason for this?

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