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Multiplayer Co-op Constant Desynch

Zule_MiyazakiZule_Miyazaki Registered Users Posts: 5
Host: 14061.1970939
Partner: 14061.1970939

Detailed description: Host starts as Liu Bei, Partner starts as Kong Rong. Every time Partner (playing as Kong Rong) attempts to attack starting enemy army game would Desynch, this happened turn 1 as initial action by Partner or by end of turn.

Reproduction Steps:
- Kong Rong player goes first.
- Attacks near by starting enemy army.
- Host playing as Liu Bei, and Partner as Kong Rong both Desynch.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
I've tried verifying all files on steam. I've attempted uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I've attempted to clear launcher folder, as well as saved game data. I've attached the save files as well. This problem, also transpired with a different coop partner playing as Cao Cao, so I am concerned the problem is on my end. Though there are no issues playing single player campaign or Multiplayer Battles, it only appears to happen when trying to play a campaign with another player.

Please attach .replay for Battles or both .save_multiplayers from host and client for Campaign.

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