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"Ruler age bug" in Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD practically kills the game :(

SkarveliotisSkarveliotis Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello there,
I have encountered the following problem which makes the game almost impossible to play.
I started playing as the empire of Nicaea (now the Byzantine Empire, since I retook Constantinople). At first I was impressed by how much work has been put into this mod to really make it like Medieval III. Then, however, problems appeared and only got worse. It took me some time until I figured out the reason:
So, when my ruler dies, his successor automatically starts with the same age as him. For example, my ruler is 104 years old (yes, really), so he dies of natural causes and his successor is immediately 104 years old, too. This means that rulers get older every round and they get to rule no more than 1-2 rounds before they die. This is extremely annoying and kind of breaks the game, because it makes it practically impossible to build the influence of your family: a) because your ruler dies all the time and can't gather influence, b) because due to the frequent succession of rulers, your family members keep dying in general, which means that the "other nobles" faction always gathers much more influence, no matter what I do. So my empire's power is at the "impotent" level all the time, meaning that all my armies have abysmal integrity (although I upgrade integrity whenever possible), so that every army has to be decimated every 3-4 rounds or has to face mutiny which means losing half of your strength and having to crush a mutineer’s army all the time.
I didn’t find anything on that problem online, so I wondered if I’m the only one who encountered it. Any way to work around this would be appreciated (like a cheat to boost integrity or family influence).


  • fsnoyanfsnoyan Registered Users Posts: 3
    Its bug with 1 turn per year, together with next update will be 2 turn per year and it should fix this bug ;)
  • SkarveliotisSkarveliotis Registered Users Posts: 2
    fsnoyan said:

    Its bug with 1 turn per year, together with next update will be 2 turn per year and it should fix this bug ;)

    Hey thanks, but I don't quite understand your comment. Why do you think the next update will fix this bug?
    And when will the next update be?
    I really want to play this awesome Mod, but this stupid bug breaks the game completely.
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