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Impossible Battle Series

ZedagenZedagen Registered Users Posts: 1
edited June 18 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
Hey guys! I'm stealing this idea from LegendofTotalWar. Send me any battles from base Shogun 2 that may seem impossible to you and I'll check them out and see if I can do anything for you. If I beat the battle, I'll probably make a youtube video about it and send you the successful save game back. To access a save, type %appdata% in the windows search, go to the folder The Creative Assembly -> Shogun2 -> save_games, and email me the save game at [email protected] Try to get me the save game with no mods, but if it has a couple, don't worry, I'll work it out.

Note: I have a decent amount of experience with Shogun 2, but not enough to win every single battle I fight, so I might find a couple battles actually impossible and not fight them.
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